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the oldest lighthouse is the lighthouse of Alexandria

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The oldest lighthouse in Canada is in Cape Spear, Doyles, Canada.

The oldest lighthouse can be found in Cape Spear, Newfoundland.

No, the Cape Hatteras lighthouse is not the oldest lighthouse anywhere, not in the state, not in the world, not in the country. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is, though, the tallest lighthouse in the United States. Actually, it is the tallest lighthouse in North America. It is one of the tallest brick lighthouses in the world, at 193 feet tall. If it is the oldest anything, it is the oldest lighthouse in the town of Buxton, being the only lighthouse in the town of Buxton.

The Hook Lighthouse on Hook Head in county Wexford, is the oldest in Ireland and one of the oldest in the world.

The oldest working lighthouse in North America is called Sambro; it is on Sambro Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, and was built 1758. The oldest working lighthouse in the United States is the Sandy Hook lighthouse in New Jersey, built 1765.

The oldest operational lighthouse in the world is the Tower of Hercules in La Coruña, Spain. it was buillt by the Romans in circa 90 AD and is still in use. The second oldest is Hook Head lighthouse in Ireland, build in the 12th century.

The Tower of Herculese off the coast of Spain is arguably the oldest lighthouse in use today. It is believed to have been built around 20BC.

The Bell Rock Lighthouse, in the North sea, is the world's oldest offshore lighthouse. It is situated 18 kilometres off the coast of Angus, Scotland.

MassachusettsAmerica's oldest lighthouse was built in 1716 and continues to emit its beacon of light every 10 seconds. Lighthouse Getaway provides history and fascinating facts.

i would hazzard a guess at the oldest working lighthouse in the world, hook lighthouse, co wexford south-east ireland, 90,000 results in google images

The oldest lighthouse in the UK is called the Smeaton's Tower, located in Plymouth on the southern coast near Eddystone rocks. Built in 1756, its light was first lit in 1759 and it is classed as the UK's oldest lighthouse. However, it is no longer used as a lighthouse, but as a tourist attraction and a memorial to its builder. It was in use until 1877, but it was (largely) dismantled and rebuilt on Plymouth Hoe, Plymouth, when it was discovered that Eddystone Rocks, upon which it stood, were eroding.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Sandy Hook NJ (1764). The oldest light station is on Little Brewster Island in Boston, however the tower originally built in 1716 was destroyed by the British and rebuilt in 1784.

in n.c. it is Ocracoke, but even I don't know that.......=] Try the Sambro Island Lighthouse, 1758, in Nova Scotia, CANADA, eh!

The Bell Rock Lighthouse, in the North sea, is the world's oldest offshore lighthouse. Renowned Scottish engineer Robert Louis Stevenson initially proposed the construction of a lighthouse on Bell Rock in 1799, but it was eight years before his plan was acted upon.

Yes, Sandy Hook lighthouse which is the oldest one in the United States.

As you might expect, the oldest lighthouses are in the oldest states. Since the U.S. was settled from east to west, it's the states on the Atlantic seaboard that have the oldest lighthouses. The oldest lighthouse in the U.S. is in Boston, MA, constructed in 1716 and renovated in 1783. The oldest one that is still in original condition (never renovated) is in New Jersey. Both are still in operation.

The first American lighthouse was built on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor in 1716. The original tower was destroyed during the Revolutionary War, and the current tower was built in 1783. The oldest lighthouse in the USA which is still standing is the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, which sits at the entrance to New York Harbor in New Jersey. It was built between 1761 and 1764.

The Pharos of Alexandria in Egypt is the first and oldest lighthouse ever built. It was constructed by the ancient Egyptians in 280 BC.

the shortest lighthouse is in Oregon the cape mears lighthouse

Beavertail LighthouseBlock Island North LighthouseBlock Island South LighthouseBristol Ferry LighthouseConanicut LighthouseConimicut LighthouseHog Island Shoal LightsPoint Judith LighthousePrudence Island Lighthouse

The Ocracoke Lighthouse is North Carolina's oldest operating lighthouse. The current tower was built in 1823 by Noah Porter from Massachusetts for $11,359.35. In 1798, a wooden pyramid-shaped tower was built to help mariners to navigate the passage between Ocracoke and Portsmouth Islands. However, the light was inadequate, and the sandbars changed so much that by 1818 the lighthouse was a mile away from the inlet. Finally, during a terrible storm, the keepers cottage and lighthouse were struck by lightning and completely destroyed. In 1822, the federal government purchased two acres of land on Ocracoke Island where the present lighthouse now stands.

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the tallest lighthouse in NC is Cape hatteras lighthouse

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