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Q: What is the oldest methods of producing electricity?
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Which methods of producing electricity require chemical reactions?

Nuclear. The rest are mechanical.

What are the procedure in making Alternative Methods of Producing Iodized Salt?

Alternative Methods of Producing Iodized Salt

What is the advantages of producing electricity using energy from the sun?

The advantage is producing electricity this way does not pollute the environment.

How do Nuclear Power plants help us?

By producing electricity, which we all use, and not producing carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.

What is the cheapest way of producing electricity on commercial scale?

I would guess that those are the methods currently used - usually burning some fuel, or using hydraulic energy.

Which one of Flemming's rules applies to electromagnets producing electricity?

which one of the flemmings rules applies to electromagnets producing electricity

Oak trees producing acorns and flowers producing seeds are methods of?


What effects do alternative methods of producing electricity have on the environment?

There are various effects on the environment:hydro-electric dams flood large patches of river, often removing fertile land and even towns and villages. They may alter the spawning habitat for fish.tidal barrages may affect fish movements, and may cause a silt buildup.wind farms are producing complaints from neighbours for their background noise.all alternative, that is, renewable methods of producing electricity mean that less carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.

How does dynamo produce electricity?

Can a dynamo be used without producing electricity??

What are the uses for nuclear power?

Producing electricity

What was a nuclear reactor an advance in?

Producing electricity

What can nuclear fission be used for?

Producing electricity