China's One-Child Policy

What is the one child one family policy?


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The policy is one couple one child, but there are plans to make it two children.

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No it started stricktly as a one child family program.

there are many punishments for the one child policy: the second child will not be registered no child benefits for parents for the second child the government could fine the family

The one-child policy was a way that China tried to control the population in their country. The main rule was that one family could only have one child but could have a second child if the first one was disabled.

The 'One child' policy is related to China.

The government introduced the one child policy

One child policy in china is made to control the population. In India, they do not have a one child policy currently but maybe in the future. In the us, they do not have a one child policy.

condoms are given to each family once a week

It is not fair because woman should be allowed to have more than one child so they can have a bigger family.

A 'One Child' policy will reduce population in the next generation.

China's One Child Policy started in 1978.

The one child policy prevents over-population and starvation.

What do you think about China one child policy

yes china's one child policy is fair

They could implement the 'one child-one family' policy similar to that of China !

I believe the greatest disadvantage is that emotional growth within the family is limited to one.

China's one child policy is a national policy; it is in place throughout the country.

Each Chinese family is allowed only 1 child due to the population and lack of inhabitable land.

less population in an already overcrowded country, less poverty and less taxes for the family that abides by the policy

the person who introduced the one child policy is the government of china

The one child policy will only end when the people can speak out.,

China has had the one child policy since 1979.

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