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It's actually a choice of two words: "Coffin" or "Casket".

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Q: What is the one word for dead body box?
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What word can you use for the simile as as dead as?

A really good one is "dead as a doornail".

What is the name of the box in which we put a dead body?

It is called a coffin or casket. A large stone one, often decorated, is called a sarcophagus.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'dead and gone' in one word?

In one word: dead.

What is brain-dead?

No! it actually means that the rest of your body is still functioning, but your brain is dead! Except there is really no way to come out of being brain dead. So the person is techonally dead dead:( It describes one who is stupid and dumb. But do not use that word because it is a bad word and the one who hears it, she/he will feel sad.

Is 'carcases' a word?

Yes, "carcases" is a word. It is the plural form of "carcase," which refers to the body of a dead animal or the body of a vehicle that is no longer in use.

What is a dead body or one who has fallen from life?

A dead body is called a corpse or a cadaver.

Is body a one or two word?

'Body' is one word.

What does an embalmer do to the dead body?

The embalmer is the one who is responsible for grooming, clothing and adding chemicals to the dead body. Embalming is intended to temporarily preserve the body of a dead person.

What is the different between a still living human body and a newly dead body?

the living body will have a pulse, a dead one wont!

How do you divide dead into syllables?

Dead is a one-syllable word so the answer is 'dead'

How many syllables in dead?

There is one syllable in the word dead.

How do you spell rimins?

The word sought may be one of these:remains - (noun) dead body - (verb) is left overreminds - (verb) causes to remember