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Saying the word loudly ferociously loud!

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What is the onomatopeia in Bialando by Pat Mora?

What is the onomatopeia in Bailando by Pat Mora

Is echo an onomatopeia?

No, it would not be classified as onomatopeia. An Echo does not sound like it is said.

Is tiptoe an onomatopeia?

Yes it is

Is creek a onomatopeia?

No, but "creak" is.

Is clap an example of an onomatopeia?

Yes it is.

Is shush an onomatopeia word?


Is mooing a onomatopoeia?

Yes it is a Onomatopeia

Is burned a onomatopoeia?

is burned an onomatopeia

Is crazy onomatopeia?

No. Crazy is an adjective. It describes something. An onomatopeia is a sound or noise, like "ding" or "clang" or "boom" Hope this helped. (:

Why do authors use onomatopeia?

Onomatopeia, like all poetic devises, is simply a way to make language sound more pleasing to the ear.

How do you spell onomatopeia?

The correct spelling is 'onomatopoeia'.

A sentence with onomatopoeia?

With the word onomatopeia: Use an onomatopeia to depict a cow's noise. With onomatopeias themselves: A cow says, "MOOOOOO!" OR A cat says, "Meow!"

Is the word creaky onomatopatoeia?

No, onomatopeia is just actual sounds, like ''wof, wof'' or ''meow, meow''. In your case, for it to be an onomatopeia, it would have to be ''creak'' or something.

What is a onomatopeia from twilight?

growl & hiss growl & hiss

How many syllables in onomatopeia?

There are three syllables in onomatopoeia.

Swish boom bang are examples of what'?

An onomatopeia. is you know what

What is the correct spelling of onomatopeia?

The correct spelling is 'onomatopoeia'.

The use of words that mimic the sounds they represent?


The swishing of the lacy curtains cooled your thoughts?


Is bark onomatopeia?

Yes, It could be a dog or a bird.

What onomatopeia stands for?

Onomatopeia is a term to describe a word that sounds like the thing it represents - this would include words like hoot, growl, bang, squeak etc.

What are some examples of an onomatopeia?

hiss, boo, buzz, ha,

Language arts words that start with the letter o?


What kind of figurative language is featured in Freak the Mighty?


Is the word crash an onomatopeia?

Yes, the word crash is onomatopoeia.

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