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Between 23,87 USD and 24,39 USD (29.08.2013).

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Q: What is the opening spot price on silver as of today?
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Price of silver today?

As of June 29, 2014 there current price of silver is 20.01 per ounce. The price of silver fluctuates and can change daily.

What is the value of a 2001 Silver Eagle Uncirculated?

The spot price of silver today is $18.25 per ounce. Actual cash value depends on spot price at time of sale.

What is the value of 1oz silver?

Spot price is $32.20 per ounce as of today.

What is the value of the 2001 American Silver Eagle Coin?

Spot price of silver as of today is $17.90 buy price for this coin should be about $15.00

What is the value of the 1999 American Silver Eagle coin?

Spot price of silver today is $17.90 buy price for this coin should be about $15.00

What is 2009 us silver eagle dollar worth?

A little less the spot price of silver at the time of sale.As of today about $15.00

How much is 50 lbs in silver worth today?


How much is a roll of 1964 quarters worth?

Each coin is worth about $3.24 as of today just for the silver, the actual price depends on the spot price of silver at time of sale.

How much is your 2003 liberty 1 oz fine silver coin worth?

About $24.00, that's the average spot price of silver today.

How much is a silver dollar worth just for the silver?

The spot price of silver is $16.87 per ounce today. The Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of all US one dollar silver coins from 1840 to 1935 is .77344oz. of pure silver. To get the silver value multiply the ASW by the spot price, $16.87x .77344= 13.047932 so the coin is worth $13.05.

Predicting Silver Spot Prices?

A number of factors determine silver spot prices. Supply and demand are the biggest factors that result in the current silver spot price. Commodity markets that trade around the world include precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. The commodity markets play a part in the silver spot price. Supply and demand prices can vary by the hour. Future commodity speculation also plays a part in determining silver spot prices. The demand for silver by manufacturing companies also influences the spot prices. World governments affect the price by purchasing or selling large quantities of silver. The opening or closing of silver mines, and the increase or decrease of production also affects prices. For the most part, silver spot can change quickly.

How much is a 1992 1oz fine silver one dollar worth in 2010?

The value is the same as the spot price of silver at the time of sale. As of today about $18.40.