What is the opposite of an element?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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In chemistry an antielement

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Q: What is the opposite of an element?
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What is the opposite the the element earth?

The opposite of earth is air

Is the most stable element the most reactive?

No, the opposite of that.

Is silicone a trace element?

Silicone is not an element at all. You are thinking of silicon, which is one of the most abundant elements on and in Earth - just the opposite of a trace element.

What element is the opposite of death in wizard 101?

Life is the opposite of Death Fire is the opposite of Ice Myth is the opposite of Storm and Balance is exactly what the name implies, balanced, in the middle of all of them.

What is the opposite of compound?

The opposite status of a chemical compound could be an element, or a mixture. The opposite of the adjective compound (multiple) could be single. For sentences, the opposite of a compound sentence is a simple sentence.

Which solid element has the highest density?

Osmium is the solid element that has the highest density. Opposite of osmium is hydrogen which has the lowest density.

What is the opposites of an isotope?

There is no such thing as 'the opposite of an isotope, like asking the opposite of water or gold etc. Related to 'isotope' is element or atom, but they are no 'opposites' of it.

What is an element whose physical properties are generally opposite to metals?

These chemical elements are nonmetals.

Will the element fluorine be attracted to its valence electrons?

Yes, the nuclei of the element fluorine are electromagnetically attracted to their valence electrons since they have opposite charges.

Why must there be a balance of protons to electrons in a element?

They have opposite charges, and an atom should be neutral.

What element of rhetoric describes language that often means the opposite of what is it literally saying?


Which element of satire uses language that means the opposite of what it says literally?