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The opposite meaning for the word "benefits" can be detriments, drawbacks, harm or liabilities. Anything that is negative as opposed to positive can be interpreted as an opposite to benefits.

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Q: What is the opposite of benefits?
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Opposite word for selfish?

A selfish person is only interested in what benefits them, A word that means the opposite of selfish is, giver.

Does acosta sales and marketing offer same sex benefits?

By law, all US companies offer benefits to same-sex spouse IF they offer benefits to opposite-sex spouses.

Does Menard's offer same-sex spousal benefits?

By law, all U.S. companies must offer same-sex spousal benefits if they offer opposite-sex spousal benefits.

Does Toyota offer health benefits to same-sex partners of its employees?

Yes, it offers all the same benefits it does to opposite-sex spouses.

Does Xerox Corporation offer domestic partner benefits?

Yes, it offers the same benefits to domestic partners (both same-sex and opposite sex) as it does to spouses.

Who were robber barons?

They stole from public places and worked for there own benefits, the opposite of a captain ofindustry.

Does Yahoo Inc offer domestic partner benefits?

Yes, Yahoo offers the same benefits to domestic partners (both same-sex and opposite sex) as it does to spouses.

What the difference between no string attached and friends with benefits?

Let's just say that they are two opposite things.

What are the benefits of nrl?

you get stronger, more fit, better muscles,start having an attitude, popular and more attracted by the opposite gender

Is a US citizen able to collect Social Security benefits if their opposite-sex US citizen domestic partner of 12 years passes on?

The Social Security Administration does not recognize domestic partnerships, even if they are opposite-sex.

Does same-sex marriage offer the same financial benefits as traditional marriage?

Yes. In places where same-sex marriage is legal, the financial benefits of any marriage are identical, whether it is same-sex or opposite-sex.

Does convergent thinking benefit us in any way?

Convergent thinking is a term made by Joy Paul Guilford which is the opposite of divergent thinking. There are some people who think convergent has many benefits and there are some people who think there are no benefits.

Is the opposite of the opposite the opposite?

The opposite (antonym) of opposite is same.

May a permanent resident alien receive disability benefits?

In my opinion a permanent resident alien should be able to receive disability benefits if only he is qualified for that according to the same low what is for US citizen. Opposite to this statment is in contradiction to humanitarian law. Janusz Gajewski

If you have to be opposite on opposite day can there ever be an opposite day if you are opposite on opposite day?

If you have to be opposite on opposite day, that makes it a day, and then there was no opposite day. But that can't be true since you HAVE to be opposite, which means that you have to be normal even though there is an opposite day because you are supposed to be opposite on opposite day, which means that you act normal as if it was a normal day, because that is the opposite of opposite day. (This is a classic "liar's paradox". Since there is already an opposite day, you should have a normal day because that is the opposite of an opposite day. But then it is not an opposite day.)

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What is difference between scroll and screw compressor and its benefits?

The scroll compressor is one that has spirals rotating into each other. The screw compressor is where two spirals are rotating in opposite directions.

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The opposite of the opposite is the original value, -9.

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There is no opposite word for the word opposite, at this time.

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The opposite of day is night and the opposite of night is day, so the answer is day.

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