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The opposite of expansion is contraction.

For an activity where expansion is simply an increase, the opposite can be reduction.

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Q: What is the opposite of expansion?
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What is opposite of expansion?

The opposite of expansion is contraction. For an activity where expansion is simply an increase, the opposite can be reduction.

What the opposite of Contraction?

The general opposite of contraction is expansion, or possibly inflation. For muscles, the opposite of contraction is relaxation.

What is the opposite of restriction?

Enlargement, release, expansion, freedom...

What is the opposite of an acronym?

It is backronym. The opposite of acronym....!!!!! Or more appropriately use the terms expansion and long-form for opposites. =]

What is the opposite of Dark Energy?

There is no opposite of dark energy in the sense that there exists something that is the exact opposite of dark energy. Dark energy speeds the rate of expansion of space, even empty space, and gravity, mass, or matter causes the opposite in that it causes a decrease in the rate of expansion of space in areas that have matter.

What is considered an expansion of the power of the Presidency?

When the people on the opposite party do not like what the President is doing.

What is the shrinking of a substance called?

Since expansion is the process of a substance's dimensions increasing, e.g., thermal expansion caused by a rise in temperature, the logical opposite would be contraction.

What is the opposite of -estasis?

The "opposite" suffix of -estatis or -statis (meaning a stoppage or unchanging condition) could be either-kinesis (motion)-ectasia (expansion, dilation)-genesis (growth)-lysis (destruction)-phthisis (growing)-tropia (turning)* If the intended suffix was -ectasia (expansion) rather than statis, the opposite would be stenosis (narrowing).

What is the different between 'factorization' and 'expansion'?

Usually they are opposite processes. Factorisation is taking an algebraic expression and partitioning it into factors in brackets (or parentheses). Expansion is taking such brackets and multiplying them out to a simple - if lengthy - expression.

What is the opposite of contraction?

The general opposite of to contract is to expand.In terms of biology, an opening would dilate (widen) as opposed to contracting or narrowing in size.For a muscle, the opposite of contract would be relax.

What force from expansion of gases pushes rockets forward?

Thermal expansion of the combusting gases in the rocket nozzles (bottom of the rocket) pushes them against the outside air, and the equal-and-opposite reaction is to push the rocket upward.

Describe a compression and rarefaction of a sound wave traveling through air?

Rarefaction [expansion of Air Pressure] is the opposite of Compression of Air Waves traveling through the Atmosphere.

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