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Antonyms for the adjective humble (modest) could include conceited, arrogant, or pretentious.

For other uses of the word, the opposite could be assertive, insolent, or showy.
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What is humbleness?

Humbleness has different but similar deffinitions. It means all ofthe following: . modest and unassuming in attitude and behavior . feeling or showing respect and deference

How do you become humble?

If you really mean this question as you typed it out, then i say this: to become humble, you must witness someone highly more meaningful in life than you are. You must take in

What is the opposite of humbling?

The opposite of humbling is to have a proud attitude. This is not the pride of accomplishment but of bad pride when you think you are better than others etc. God hates this ki

How do you spell humble?

That is the correct spelling of "humble" (modest, or self-effacing).

Was Jesus humble?

Yes Jesus was always humble, he was never proud or arrogant.

Is ponyboy humble?

Yes, he is afraid to hurt anybody in the beginning of the book. Although, through the book, he gets tougher and is more proud to be a Greaser with Cherry or in fact, anyone

What animal is 'humble'?

I'll guess you've heard the phrase "humble mouse" or "humble ox" or somesuch. It just means the speakers thinks the animal isn't very important. It can often be used ironicall

Are sheeps humble?

Yes, but only if they have their humility hats on.

Is Oprah humble?

Define humble. If you mean to ask if she's a humble person, the answer is yes. Unlike most celebrities, she's given most of her wealth back to the people and hasn't forgotten
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What is opposit of humble?

According to the thesauras the opposite of humble is arrogant.