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What is the opposite of odd?

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There are several meanings to the word odd.

Even would be one opposite, and normal would be another.

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What is opposite of odd numbers?

The opposite of odd is even. If you divide a even or odd number with odd, you will still get a fraction, or a romander.

What is the opposite of even?


What is the opposite for even?

Odd !

What is the opposite of 93?

There is no opposite to numbers. But 93 is an odd number.

What is the opposite of ordinary?

The opposite of ordinary would be odd, abnormal, or extraordinary.

What is the opposite of usual besides unusual?


What is odd number opposite?

even number

If a number is even then it's opposite is a whole number?

The opposite of an even number is an odd number.

If you add an odd and even number will the answer always be even?

opposite - answer will always be odd (when adding odd + even) odd + even 5 + 4 = 9 odd even + even 2 + 6 = 8 even odd + odd 3 + 1 = 4 even

What does odd and even numbers have in common?

They have only one thing in common. By adding 1 to either an even number or an odd number makes them opposite. (even becomes odd and odd becomes even).

What is destructive behavior disorder?

It is similar to odd.(opposite defiant disorder).

Who was Madison's foil in the Odd Couple?

Unger. Foil meaning opposite. Oscar Madison's foil was Felix Unger in the play The Odd Couple.

Is the gcf of an odd and even number always even?

No. The opposite is true: the gcf of an odd number and an even number is always odd. All the factors of an odd number are odd; or to put it another way: If a number has an even factor, the number itself must be even. Thus the only common factors between odd and even numbers must be odd.

Do even numbers contain more prime numbers than odd numbers?

No. Quite the opposite.

Which figure has opposite angles are congruent?

All regular polygons with an even number of angles. All the angles of polygons with an odd number of angles are also equal but there are no "opposite" angles.

Is it correct to say Locate the hole on opposite side to bracing or Locate the hole on opposite side of bracing?

1: I've always been taught to say "the opposite of". 2: Whereas I would say "Locate the hole on the opposite side to the bracing", where opposite is being used as an adjective, and "Even is the opposite of odd" where opposite is a noun. I suspect the usage varies in different countries.

Are humans the slaves of machines?

Though as as odd as you ask, it's the opposite... machines are used by us, so they are the "slaves."

What does an odd incense do?

You give an odd incense to Mr. Mime (found at route 218) and put 2 of the OPPOSITE gender in the daycare. Wait for the egg. It should be Mime Jr.. I hope this helped! ;-)

All pyramids have an odd number of edges?

False. In fact, the opposite is true: all pyramids have an even number of edges.

What is a 45 sided numbered ball where the numbers on any opposite sides add to 45.?


What are even or old numbers?

even are the number that are divisible by 2 like 2 4 6 8... and odd are the opposite 1 3 5 7 9

Will the sum of three odd numbers be even or odd?

odd. odd=odd odd+odd=even odd+odd+odd=odd it keeps alternating in that fashion

What is the opposite side?

An "opposite side" depends on the shape that you have got. For a polygon with an even number of sides, (say 2n), the side which is opposite a given side is one that is nth from that side. In such a polygon a vertex does not have an opposite side. For a polygon with an odd number of sides, (say 2n+1), the side which is opposite a given vertex is one that is (n+1)th from that vertex. In such a polygon a side does not have an opposite side.

Is a 19 a even or odd number?


How Minus 3 multiply minus 3 9?

-3 x -3=9 A rule in pre-algebra summarizes in a problem when their is an odd amount of odd - (negative numbers) then the answer is negative, if it is even is is positive.So the problem is asking, the opposite of three times the opposite of three equals 9, so lets take one of those opposites away. The opposite of three times three equals opposite of nine. (If you haven't noticed, negative and opposite are interchangeable.) And another opposite and get the original problem, the opposite of three times the opposite of three equals 9. So the opposite of the negative nine from the first multiply, is positive nine.Example-3 x 3= -9 (1 negative)-3 x -3= 9 (2 negative, the opposite of the opposite.)Tips- It is easier to think as two - - = +,DO NOT MISTAKE THIS WITH ++=+, IT DOES NOT EQUAL A NEGATIVE.THIS ONLY WORKS WITH MULTIPLYING AND DIVIDING.(in basic math)

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