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Chremamorphism is giving characteristics of an object to a person, e.g., "she shined upon him with her eyes" gives qualities of an object, like a star, to a person.
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What is personification?

Personification is when you describe an object as a person. Personification is when you give human qualities or abilities to anobject or animal. eg The moon smiled through the clouds

Example of personification?

whats an example of personification " The dish ran away with the spoon " dishes cant run so it is personification "Every step of the old stair case complained as I tiptoed up the stairs." Stairs can't complain, so this is also a personification.

What does personification mean?

A description of an inanimate object as being a living person or animal as in: "The sun shone brightly down on me as if she was shining for me alone". In this example the sun is perceived as a real person, and referenced with the pronoun "she" rather than "it". The act of personifying. Example:T ( Full Answer )

What are some personifications?

Answer . Personification is assigning human charactistics or emotions to inanimate objects or animals. For instance, "My car likes leaded gas." Although it may run better with leaded gas, it cannot "like" it because it has no ability to form an opinon.

What is an example of a personification?

Here are three examples of a personification: 1. The flowers danced in the wind. 2. The rain tap danced on the street 3. The stick is rolling down the hill. O nightingale, thou hast taken my wallet. (apex)

What are the example of Personification?

A personification is adding human characteristics to inhuman objects. Ex. 1: The tree branch slapped me. A tree can't literally slap you because it's not a human. Ex. 2: The storm clouds gave an expression on disgust and animosity. Clouds don't have human faces. "Personification" is indeed ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of personification?

the effect is the personification compares to a person so the reader can relate to the personification Personification gives human qualities to inanimate objects. Example: The stars danced happily across the midnight sky.

What is the purpose of personification?

There are several purposes of personification as rhetoric but it is mostly to humanize inanimate objects or nonhuman animals by allowing them to perform human actions. (e.g. the alarm clock shrieked) The purpose of personification is to explain, and give vivid examples and images for the reader. ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence for personification?

Personification is giving an inanimate object human qualities... which means giving an object that is not living an ability that only living things can do: "The wind howled". the wind can't talk or howl. "The wind shook the trees mightily". the wind can't hold things let alone being able to shake it ( Full Answer )

What is an example of an personification?

Headlights stared, the darkness wrapped his hands around the city, the sea sang her calm tune, the rocks standed still while the waves were hitting them, it can be anything that is non-human just give it a personality. but sometimes it ( Full Answer )

What are personification poems?

Well, personification is where you give an inhuman object a human quality. So a personification poem is where they put it into a poem.. Below are some examples of personification poems. I live by the sharp, craggy rocks on the peninsula. I can see glistening water, ships,. buoys, donkeys and ves ( Full Answer )

Example of a personification?

Personification is a figure of speech that gives non-human orinanimate objects human traits or qualities. Some examples would be: "You may see their trunks arching in thewoods Years afterwards, trailing their leaves on the ground, Likegirls on hands and knees that throw their hair Before them overt ( Full Answer )

Sentences for personification?

Personification means giving a non-human animal object human-likequalities. In Alice in Wonderland the Queen of Hearts is thepersonification of the Queen of England.

How do you use personification?

it is using human characteristics to animals, things, or ideas. for example Time stood still

List of personification?

Personification is giving life-like qualities to in animate objects. Ex. The leaf danced in the wind. Or The grass swayed in the storm.

A sentence with personification in it?

personification is basically giving human qualities to an imaginary creation. example : 1) if you have read the poem leisure written by william H. davies in the forth line ;- no time to turn at beauty's glance, And watch her feet, how they can dance the poet is comparing and giving human qualitie ( Full Answer )

Personification in music?

Hopefully you know what personification is? When something is personified it is given human characteristics Here's some examples... "Caught me making eyes at the other boatman's wives, And heard me laughing louder at the jokes told by their daughters. I'd set my course for land, but you well u ( Full Answer )

An exsample of a personification?

The fish drove the bus to school. Drove gives the fish human characteristics because fish cannot drive cars. :) Because the sentence says the fish can drive, that gives it personification.

What is a personification for regret?

Regret Me Regret is a woman who sneaks up on you everyday. She chases you down the street and holds tight and never lets go--puts pressure on your back and pulls you back as you walk, and stays in your mind each and every day.

What is a personification in a poem?

It's when you give inanimate objects human like qualities ex: the cloud Rained in sorrow (that means that it is raining)

What is the mean of personification?

When an inanimate object is imagined to have life and compared with something etc.. example: in the poem 'Daffodils' poet Wordsworth writes,. "I wandered lonely as a cloud". But a cloud does not have life but is compared with him in the poem.. This is the figure of speech, personification.

What song has personification?

thriller or something like that :) Personification is a description of an inanimate object by giving it traits of a living being or animal. Example: My boot's sulked in the corner. (Boots can not sulk, but by giving them the ability to feel emotions, the reader gets a better description of the bo ( Full Answer )

Why is personification important?

Personification is a type of figurative language which gives humanqualities to inanimate objects. It can be very useful in addingcolorful descriptions to your writing.

Which is an example of personification?

Personification is a stylistic device when non-living things,objects and animals are given human qualities. Example ofpersonification includes: "The moonlight KISSED her skin,illuminating it through the darkness. "

Is skating a personification?

Personification is giving something without human like attributes, human like attributes. For instance giving a pen the ability to talk is personification.

Personification in The Hobbit?

"It burned with a rage that made it gleam if goblins were about; now it was bright as blue flame for delight in the killing of the great lord of the cave". Page 65. "The next morning was a midsummer's morning...sun dancing on the water.". Page 54. "Boulders, too, at times came galloping down the ( Full Answer )

Can personification be an adjective?

No. Personification is a noun. The adjective form, where usable, is personified , the past participle of the verb topersonify .

What are the example of an personification?

An example of personification is 'The flowers wave in the breeze'. This is personification 'cause the flowers are waving. Only people can wave.

Is personification a noun?

Yes, the word 'personification' is a noun, a word for therepresentation of a thing or idea as a person or by the human form;a perfect example; a word for a thing. Example: The character Uncle Sam was the personification of the US inwartime.

Where is personification used?

personification is used whenever writer wants to express an inanimate object appear like a real and animate object which could tell you any amazing things addind its feelings , emotions and any message.

Is I am a mountain personification?

No it's not, personification is giving human qualities to an unanimated object, or animals. I am a mountain is a metaphor, its comparing yourself to a mountain without using like or as. Hope it helped

Is I used in personification?

no, becasue you are alive, and personification is making inanimate objects come to life. But, you are already alive.

What is a song that has personification in it?

Personification (talking about a thing as if it were a person; treating an inanimate object as if it has personal characteristics) is often used in poems and songs. The hit song from 2010 by Flo Rida, "Club Can't Handle Me" is an example-- a club (night club, dance club) is a thing, an inanimate obj ( Full Answer )

What is persuasive personification?

It is when you have a persuasive paragraph about personification (a metaphor in which human attributes are given to inanimate objects) so for example, a persuasive paragraph that persuades people that your locker is giving you advice about high school.

What is the personification of Mexico?

First of all, personification is when you give an unanimated object human qualities so the answer to your question really is whatever you want it to be.

What is the importance of personification?

Personification is important for a few reasons. It is a form of figurative language, and as such, it can enhance a novel, short story, or poem (it's used most frequently in poetry). Personification gives human qualities to inanimate objects as a way of describing them, or adding emphasis to a partic ( Full Answer )

Can a personification be a metaphor?

It may be possibe to have an expression to be mentaphor and personification. But strongle I believe that it can happen in few cases not all cases

What is a personification for sleep?

Traditional personifications of sleep vary by culture and era. Some of them are: the Sandman the moon The Greek god Hypnos The Roman God Somnus Ole Lukøje (in Danish legend)

What are 2 personification?

The last cookie was calling to me. The computer thought I was some kind of idiot.

Personification for ground?

The following humorous examples of personification in poetry canmake you laugh will illustrating. The leaves on the ground dancedin the wind.

What is a personification for a moon?

Personification is when you give human like qualities to objects. An example from new moon would be the wolves talking, because in real life wolves can't talk.

What is the personification to the ozone?

The ozone layer swallows up the UV rays. The ozone can't swallow up because it does'nt have a mouth. Itactually absorbs UV rays. It looks like the ozone is swallowing up.To not take it literally, this is a personification.

What is a personification sentence?

The stars danced playfully in evening sky. My computer throws a fit after every update. The fire ran wild across the dry hills