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Q: What is the opposite of recrystallise?
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Does powdered soap dissolve?

eventualy, yes. but the particles of soap will sometimes recrystallise like rock candy.

What steps lead to forming a metamorphic rock?

Existing rocks are buried and subjected to heat and pressure. This causes them to recrystallise without melting.

How do you make a crystal bigger?

Dissolve it, and then recrystallise it at a slower rate than before. For example, leave it in a larger volume of the solvent and evaporate it over 2 or 3 days in a much milder temperature, instead of evaporating off the liquid overnight.

Can water be used to separate salt from sugare why or why not?

A mixture of salt and sugar can be separated by using an organic solvent to dissolve the sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, it can be separated by filtering the salt from the liquid sugar,then recrystallise both solutions to from back their original crystals.

Is the opposite of the opposite the opposite?

The opposite (antonym) of opposite is same.

What is the correct preposition for opposite?

opposite of opposite to opposite from

What is the opposite of from?

An opposite of the word "to" is from.

If you have to be opposite on opposite day can there ever be an opposite day if you are opposite on opposite day?

If you have to be opposite on opposite day, that makes it a day, and then there was no opposite day. But that can't be true since you HAVE to be opposite, which means that you have to be normal even though there is an opposite day because you are supposed to be opposite on opposite day, which means that you act normal as if it was a normal day, because that is the opposite of opposite day. (This is a classic "liar's paradox". Since there is already an opposite day, you should have a normal day because that is the opposite of an opposite day. But then it is not an opposite day.)

How are you opposite on Opposite Day without being opposite?

You could say that you are being "opposite of how other people are" on Opposite Day. If you say the opposite of an opposite, it is a true expression.

What is the opposite of the opposite of up?

The opposite of up is down. So, opposite of the opposite of up is up itself.

What is the opposite of the opposite of negative nine?

The opposite of the opposite is the original value, -9.

What is the opposite word of from?

The opposite of from would be to, or toward.