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1-3-4-2 1-3-4-2

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Q: What is the order of spark wires in a 97 Nissan Altima?
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Does a 2005 Nissan Altima have spark plugs?

Yes, all gasoline cars have spark plugs. However, the 2005 Nissan Altima does NOT have spark plug wires. Instead, they have what are called ignition wires. They perform the same function as a spark plug wire but are more efficient. However, they are not easily replaced by a shade tree mechanic and often require Nissan dealership assistance for removal/replacement. Hope this helps.

Spark plug location for Nissan Altima?

depends on the year if your car is 00 and newer it will be under the coils if it is older it will be on the top under the spark plug wires.

How do you repair a distributor on a 1994 Nissan Altima?

get a new cap and rotor. keep track off where your spark plug wires go. its very easy to repair a distributor.

In what wiring order do spark plug wires go for a 1994 Nissan Quest Xe?

The Order is: Rear Spark Plugs 1-3-5 Front Spark Plugs 2-4-6

What is the spark plug wire order of a 88 Nissan Pathfiner v6?

The spark plug order for your 1988 Nissan Pathfinder V-6 engine is; one Êsix Êtwo Êfive Êthree Êfour. Your engine will run very rough if the spark plug wires are not connected in the proper order.

My 95 Nissan altima Standardis not getting electricity through the spark plug wires new wires just put in replaced the ignition coil just got a new distrib cap what could be the problem?

maybe ignition modual

How often do you need to change the spark plugs in a 2003 Nissan 3.5 Altima?

30000 mile intervals. also replacement of the fuel filter is recommended at the same time. every 2 spark plug replacements the wires should also be replaced

Wy does my 98 altima stall at 2500rpm?

A 1998 Altima may stall at 2500 rpm's over a bad spark plug or plug wires.

What color are the positive wires for the rear speakers on a 2004 Nissan Altima 25 SE?

red for pos,black for neg

What would cause the battery light to stay on after replacing with a new battery in a 2000 Nissan altima?

alternator or bad wires

What order do the spark plug wires go on a 1994 Nissan Quest Xe?

I have a 94 Nissan Quest. If its the 6 cyl, the firing order from the rear, left to right is as follows: 1-3-5 2-4-6 (front)

What do ypu need for a Nissan Murano tune up?

You can tune up your Nissan by replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires. You should also replace the air filter and the oil.

What is the correct placement of spark plug wires to the distributor from the plugs on a 1993 Nissan altima?

There are numbers on the distibutor cap for each wire that correspond to the cylinders. The cylinders are numbered 1 thru 4 with #1 on the passenger side. I hope this helps you.

How do you remove the starter unit from a 95 Nissan Altima after disconnecting two wires and two attachment bolts?

this site might help ------>

What order do the spark plug wires have to be in on the distributor cap?

They have to be in the firing order.

What is the order of spark plug wires on a 1991 Continental?

Are you wanting to know the order of the wires on the engine or the distributer cap?

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 Nissan Altima?

The coolant temperature sensor, on your 1999 Nissan, is located a few inches above the water pump. The sensor will have two wires going to it.

What happens if the speed sensor goes out on a 2003 Nissan Altima?

Your speedometer, odometer, and cruise control quits working; That's all. It happened to me when I replaced the transmission on my Altima and the two wires came out of the connector.

What parts are needed for Nissan altima tune up?

It depends on how big of a tune-up your doing. Cheaper tune-up would be changing the spark plugs, checking the air filter, belts, wires, and fluids. A more expensive tune-up would add changing spark plug wires, pcv valve, air filter, fuel filter, oil change, and a new distributor.

What is the best plug wires for sentra b14?

which ngk spark plugs is recomemded for the b14 nissan sunny

How do you tune up a 1998 Nissan Quest?

Replace the spark plugs,spark plug wires, fuel filter, oil, and oil filter. Mr.brown

How do you change the spark plug wires in a 97 lumina?

Disconnect the battery, and remove the spark plug wires one by one. Replace the spark plug wires in the same order, ensure the connection is firm, and connect the battery.

Do you install spark plugs according to firing mode?

No the spark plug wires have to be in firing order

How do you replace the plug wires in the correct order on a 1997 Nissan Altima GXE?

If you replace them one at a time you will keep them in the same order.I believe this is what a repair manual will advise you to do as well.I highly suggest buying a repair manual (ie. haynes) for the firing order and location.

How do you replace spark plug wires on a 1994 Nissan altima?

You replace them one at a time. Choose the longest from the original set and then remove it from the car. Get the longest from the new set and place it on the car. And so on till all have been replaced. If you remove all of them at one time you will have to look up the firing order to put in the new set.