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The origin of the word chivalry comes from the word chevalerie which is old French so the origin of the word is old French.

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Q: What is the origin of chivalry?
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How do you spell Chivalry?


What is the knights code of behavior called?

Chivalry, or the code of chivalry.

What is Chivalry Warriors?

Chivalry Warriors is a RuneScape clan.

How did chivalry affect the middle ages?

chivalry is terrible

Who is the leader of Chivalry Warriors?

Diablo Swift is the leader of Clan chivalry warriors. You can join Chivalry Warriors just by going to the Chivalry Warriors forums and filling out an application.

A sentence for chivalry?

The chivalry did so good at training the knights.

What part of speech is chivalry?

"Chivalry" is a noun of the abstract type.

How does a knight represent chivalry?

A knight represents chivalry by following the chivalry code, and simply taking on the responsibility of being a knight

Is chivalry a noun?

Yes, chivalry is a singular, common, abstract noun.

Who invented the code of chivalry?

King Arthur invented the code of chivalry.

How did the concept of chivalry affect knights?

how did the concept of chivalry affect knights

Can you make a sentence with the word chivalry?

King Arthur's knights had a code of chivalry

Is chivalry the same as romance?

No! Romance has to do with love, chivalry has to do with how a man treats a lady.

Who practiced chivalry?

In Europe Knights were the main practices of chivalry. Chivalry was a strict warrior code that emphasized national pride, brotherhood, and martial excellence.

When did chivalry start?

Chivalry started in the 12th century and went through into the 13th century.

What part of speech is the word chivalry?

The word chivalry is a noun. The plural form is chivalries.

What is the duration of Last Hurrah for Chivalry?

The duration of Last Hurrah for Chivalry is 1.78 hours.

How do you get to the Chivalry Warriors forum?

To get to Chivalry Warriors forum, just type in

Where has chivalry gone?

chivalry went on an extended vacation to the Americas and unfortunately got eaten by a beaver

How do you use chivalry in a scentence?

The age of chivalry, even of everyday good manners, may have passed.

What was the code of chivalry about?

The code of chivalry was to be loyal to the church of lord, to be just and fair, and to protect the helpless.

What is the Gaelic word for chivalry?

In the Irish language 'chivalry' is translated as:Ridireacht (knighthood; chivalry)Cuirtéis (courtesy)Siodúlacht ('silkiness'; urbanity/suavity; courteousness/gentleness)In Scottish Gaelic: ...

What does chivalry mean to knights?

Chivalry was the set of codes and morals that knights lived by, they included courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms. Chivalry was part of their identity as knights and a sense of pride.

Use the word chivalry in a sentence?

The fairytale is about a beautiful princesses and brave knights who perform acts of chivalry.

The tale of Perceval includes references to the code of chivalry What truth does this reflect?

chivalry was important to the culture at that time.