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The word "lunatic" comes from the Latin "luna" meaning moon. This derives from the former belief that changes of the moon caused insanity.

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Q: What is the origin of lunatic?
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What is the origin of the word lunatic?

When someone goes mad with the phases of the moon.

What does a lunatic mean?

lunatic(n) one who is insane/crazy/foolish.

How do you spell lunatic?

Lunatic is the correct spelling.

What part of speech is lunatic?

Lunatic is a noun.

Sentence for lunatic?

Here is a sentence for lunatic, "There are some behavior patterns that may make you look like a lunatic." A lunatic is a mentally challenged person.

How can you use lunatic in a sentence?

You would have to be a lunatic to leave the doors or windows to your house unlocked in this day and age!When it comes to shoes, my girlfriend is such a lunatic!The lunatic is on the path.Institutionalization may become a life sentence for a lunatic.

What does that tattoo on Nelly's stomach say?


How would you use the word lunatic in a sentence?

A lunatic is a crazy person. Here are some sentences.People used to be locked up in lunatic asylums.He is acting like a lunatic."The lunatic is in the hall." (from Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage")

What origin did the word bedlam come from?

It was the popular name for the Hospital of St, Mary of Bethlehem in London which served as a lunatic asylum from about the year 1400.

How many pages does The Lunatic Cafe have?

The Lunatic Cafe has 369 pages.

Who is the lunatic in walk two moons?

The lunatic turned out not to be a lunatic at all. He was Mike Bickle, Mrs. Winterbottom's son that she gave up for adoption.

What are two words that come from the Old English words related to the moon?

LUNAR and Month are two words that have their origin in moon. lunatic, menses are derivatives of these words.

What is the name of that Billy Joel song with 'lunatic' in it?

You May Be Right.

A sentence using the word lunatic fringe?

denise is the example of lunatic fringe

When was Athens Lunatic Asylum created?

Athens Lunatic Asylum was created in 1874.

When was Lunatic - novel - created?

Lunatic - novel - was created in 2009.

How do you use lunatic in a sentence?

the lunatic women was so crazy that she burned the house down.

What is the noun for lunatic?

The noun 'lunatic' is singular, common noun; an antiquated term for an insane person, derived from the belief that a person was driven mad by the changes in the moon. The word 'lunatic' is also an adjective, used to describe a noun (That was a lunatic thing to do.)

Where does lunatic come from?

The word "lunatic" comes from the latin word LUNAR which means moon. so lunatic means moon- crazy. but most people just mean crazy

What is the Latin stem word for 'lunatic'?

Luna is the stem word for 'lunatic'. The word is a Latin noun that means 'moon'. The insane were believed to have been affected adversely by the moon.

What is Welcome to the lunatic asylum in french?

welcome to the lunatic asylum -- bienvenue à l'asile de fous

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lunatic - 1924?

The cast of The Lunatic - 1924 includes: Jimmy Aubrey

What are the release dates for The Lunatic - 1924?

The Lunatic - 1924 was released on: USA: 1 March 1924

The definition of the word maniac? defines maniac as: 1. a raving or violently insane person; lunatic. 2. any intemperate or overly zealous or enthusiastic person: a maniac when it comes to details. It gives the origin as being from the Middle Latin maniacus of, pertaining to madness. As Related Words it lists lunatic, madman, and maniacal.

What is a lunatic?

Wildly foolish.