What is the origin of the phrase saved by the bell?

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In the sport of boxing a fight lasts for several rounds separated by a short interval for the fighters to rest and lick their wounds. The end of each round is announced by a bell so if you are in difficulty towards the end of a round then you will be saved by the bell because then your opponent must stop hitting you.
Buried alive. Anyone's worst nightmare. There was a strange disease in the 1500's that would slow one's heartbeat and breathing enough that upon inspection, the afflicted person would indeed seem quite dead. When England began to run out of room to bury recently deceased people, they dug up the coffins of people who had long been deceased, removing their bones from the coffins and placing them in a bone house and re-using the gravesite.

When opening the coffins of long ago buried bodies, they noticed that 1 out of every 25 coffins had scratch marks on the inside. The town folks had been burying people while they were still alive.

To avoid anymore people being buried alive, a string would be tied to the wrist of each corpse, threaded through the coffin,up through the ground, and tied to a bell.
Someone would have to sit in the graveyard all night and listen for the bell to ring, just in case the corpse was not really a corpse.

Hence the phrases: Saved by the bell, Dead ringer and Graveyard shift. This website casts doubt on whether the phrase was ever actually used in connection with burials. http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/saved-by-the-bell.html
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What is the origin of the phrase 'For whom the bell tolls'?

Answer . The phrase became popular after the famous John Donne poem used the lines "ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee".. The church bell is tolled (rung with soft repeated strokes) at a funeral. Answer . "For Whom the Bell Tolls", The title of a book by Ernest Hemingway, publish ( Full Answer )

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What is the origin of saved by the bell?

"Saved by the bell" was an early saying that originated during aboxing match. "Saved by the bell" means that a participant in thering can no longer be hit because the round is over.

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Another possibility: Before railroads out west, freight was hauled with wagons pulled by a string of mules, sometimes 4 pairs of 2. On curving mountain roads, it was not possible for the mule skinner (driver/teamster) to see the lead pair so it became standard to put a row of bells across the lead t ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase 'for whom the bell tolls' Not who wrote the book...What does 'for whom the bell tolls' mean?

The phrase "for whom the bell tolls" refers to the person that is honored by the ringing of a church bell following the person's death. These famous words by John Donne were originally included in his Meditation 17, from Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions (1624). The words of the original passage are ( Full Answer )

Who did Mandy play on saved by the bell?

There was no actress named Mandy on saved by the Bell. However,Elizabeth Berkeley, who played Jessie, also played a characternamed Mandy on another show.

Who played Kelly in Saved By The Bell?

the actress who played kelly kapowski on saved by the bell is Tiffani Thessien. Her name used to be Tiffani-Amber Thessien but she recently dropped the Amber from her name.. the actress who played kelly kapowski on saved by the bell is Tiffani Thessien. Her name used to be Tiffani-Amber Thessien bu ( Full Answer )

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Is Zack out of saved by the bell dead?

No, Zack Morris from saved by the bell (whos real name is Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is not dead. He is 35 years old and turns 36 on March 1st. In fact, all of the members of Saved by the Bell are alive and well. you can get their real names and information at www.sbtb.net

Where does the saying saved by the bell come from?

"The expression "Saved by the bell" came from the Black plague time when they used to bury people not knowing whether they were really dead or not. If the person was still alive, they would ring a bell that was attached by a string, and the night guard would unbury them.". I am not sure I buy this ( Full Answer )

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Where can you watch saved by the bell?

I love Saved by the Bell. I basically am able to watch them on tbs, Channel 12 if you have Brighthouse. They usually come on at seven o'clock and play for either one or two hours, monday-friday. The episodes are in no order really, they may be the really old ones or the college ones.

Where did the expression saved by the bell originate?

It sounds like it might have originated in Boxing when a fighter who is getting badly beaten gains a respite when the bell for the end of the round rings. I am actually thinking that it came from the plague days, some people were not dead, but they buried them anyway, if they came out of their c ( Full Answer )

When was saved by the bell made?

Saved by the Bell aired from August 1989 through May 1993 on NBCfollowing the cancellation of its predecessor show from the DisneyChannel, Good Morning Miss Bliss, earlier in 1989. Saved By theBell: The College Years followed in 1993-94 and Saved By the Bell:The New Class was made from 1993 through ( Full Answer )

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It means eager and ready to go. The origin may be difficult to determine, it could refer to the old tradition of the British Naval sailors Bell Bottom Trousers which was part of their dress uniform. If required at ceremonial occasions he would arrive 'with bells on' or in his best uniform. It could ( Full Answer )

How old is Kelly from Saved by the Bell?

Kelly Kapowski was played by actress Tiffany Amber Thiessen, bornJanuary 23, 1974 and later known for the USA series WhiteCollar . She was on Saved By The Bell (including her time on theCollege Years and in the TV Wedding movie) from 1989 through 1994so appeared on the shows from age 15 through 20 ( Full Answer )

Who died from saved from the bell?

I did a web search recently, & found out that no one from Saved By The Bell has died, although there was a rumour that Dustin Diamond (Screech) had died in a car crash. Thankfully, this rumour was not true.

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Where did the expression saved by the bell originatw?

Boxers fight for a set period of time. At the end of the round, a bell is rung, and boxers take a short break. You might be losing, but at the end of the round, you were "saved by the bell", and had the chance to rest and recover.

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What does the idiom saved by the bell mean?

It means that you were about to get fussed at, or have to confesssomething, but you were interrupted just in time. The image is ofthe school bell ringing to interrupt the teacher about to assignhomework.

When was Saved by the Bell on television?

There were 3 different Saved by the Bell's that was on television One of the Saved by the Bell was on television from 1989 to 1993. Another one was from 1993-2000 and the last Saved by Bell was from 1990-2004.

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