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The earliest use of the word chalet in English was in 1782.

It was derived from the Swiss (and French) chalet, which meant "herdsman's hut, Alpine cottage". This was probably a diminutive of the Old French chasel, "farmhouse, house, abode, hut".

The origins before Old French are even more tenuous, but chalet is attributed to the Vulgar Latin casalis"belonging to a house", from the Latin casa, "house", or the Old Provincial cala, "a small shelter for ships.

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Q: What is the origin of the word chalet?
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Which country does the word chalet come from?

Answer 1Chalet is Swiss-French for a small wooden house. So the origin is the French-speaking Swiss areas.Answer 2It is French

How many syllables in the word chalet?

Their are 2 syllables in the word chalet.

What is the meaning of word chalet?

Chalet = VEE-la (ווילה)

What is a Chalet?

Chalet(also called as Swiss Chalet) is a type of house made of wood mainly built around the mountain regions. It's origin is Switzerland, and Europe has more number of chalets .

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How do you use the word chalet in a sentence?

The word 'chalet' is a noun.A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples:The chalet is our summer home. (subject of the sentence)The comfort that the chalet offered was well worth the price. (subject of the relative clause)As we drove through the streets of France, I noticed a quaint little house that I later found out was called a chalet. (direct object of the verb 'was called')We stayed at the chalet for a month. (object of the preposition 'at')

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A chateau is a castle. That's what the word means in French. Villa is an ancient Roman term for a country house. Chalet is a french word for a cottage. Chalet is often used to describe a seasonal dwelling used during skiing season. Both villa and chalet are terms used for seasonal or recreational dwellings. Not chateau, though. It has to be a castle or a palace.

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je vis dans un chalet, j'habite dans un chalet

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"Cabin" and "wood house" are English equivalents of the French word chalet. The pronunciation of the masculine singular noun -- which may be preceded by the masculine singular definite (le, "the") or indefinite (un, "a, an") articles -- will be "sha-ley" in French.

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