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The names were not originally coined but the cartoon did come out during WW2. The Germans were known as 'Jerries' and English solders (at least in WW1) were called 'Tommies'. As Tom was never successful in pinning down Jerry, so in 1941 the English failed to totally rout the Germans - and so the war went on and on and on

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Q: What is the origin of tom and Jerry?
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Jerry is the oldest out of Tom and Jerry.

Who is Tom and who's Jerry in Tom and Jerry?

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I would suspect that Tom is older as when Tom and Jerry begun, only mainly Tom starred in it. Then they brought Jerry into it.

What is tom in tom and Jerry?

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Jerry is friendly to Tom and that ends up causing trouble for Tom.

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jerry from tom and jerry jerry from tom and jerry

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Cartoon character that start with letter J?

Jerry - of Tom n' Jerry Jerry in the show "Tom and Jerry" Where Tom the cat, chases and is avaded by Jerry the Mouse.

Does Tom ever kill Jerry in Tom and Jerry?


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I don't know Jerry's, but Tom's is Toodles

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Don Brown plays Tom, and Sam Vincent plays Jerry.

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they are attending a meeting

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