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Crude oil comes from plants, remnants of animals, and other vegetation that were compressed under the ground and exposed to extreme heat for thousands of years.

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Q: What is the original source of crude oil?
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What is the main source of plastic?

The main source of plastic is Crude Oil

What is the major source of income for the US?

crude oil

What consequences if you drink crude oil?

If you drink crude oil you will likely get diarrhea. Depending on the source of the crude and how much you drink you may experience other gastrointestinal problems. Drinking crude oil is NOT a good idea.

What are primary source of crude oil in Senegal?

Your mum's vag.

What are the primary source of crude oil in Senegal?

Your mum's vag.

What is good about crude oil?

It is an excellent source of raw material

Why is crude oil important to us?

Crude oil is crucial because it is a vital source of energy, and many countries have been affected by the oil market itself.

Where does crude oil originate from?

Although it is recognized that the original source of carbon and hydrogen was in the materials that made up the primordial Earth, it is generally accepted that these two elements have had to pass through an organic phase to be combined into the varied complex molecules recognized as crude oil.

How are fossil fuels qatar's main source of income?

Crude oil was based on the decomposition of ancient forests for the most part. Oil is called a fossil fuel and Qatar uses crude oil as a major source of income.

What is a major source of income to both Mexico and Venenzuela?

Crude oil.

What is the major source of deriving nylon besides coal?

Crude oil.

What happens when crude oil runs out?

There will be no more gas or oil and we better have another fuel source by then