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Q: What is the other carolers reactions to hamadi?
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What are other caroler reactions to hamadi?

can someone please answer this questiong

Why is susan interested in hamadi in hamadi by naomi shihab nye?

She's interested in Hamadi because of the way he speaks. For example, in the story, when Susan and Susan's father asks Hamadi why he does not wish to return to his homeland in Lebanon, to see what has changed, and to reunite with old family and friends, Hamadi replies, "Remembrance is a form of meeting...I would not (wish to return to Lebanon). In fact, I already know. It is there and it is not there." As well as the way he speaks, it is what he does that interests her as well, such as when they are caroling at the start, Hamadi formally introduces himself to everyone, and near the ending of the story, one of the members of the carolers (Tracy to be exact) felt comfortable enough in him to cry in his arms, something no one would even DREAM of doing in Hamadi's cultural background, plus him giving her the special advice on persevering. This makes Susan become interested in Hamadi even more, whom she has come to see as a 'surrogate grandmother'.

What does Susan invited Hamadi to?

What does Susan invited Hamadi to?

When was Hamadi Ayari born?

Hamadi Ayari was born on 1991-01-08.

When was Hamadi Jebali born?

Hamadi Jebali was born on 1949-01-12.

What reason does Hamadi give to explain his never having married in hamadi?

It would ruine his culture.

Who is the static character in hamadi?

In the play "Hamadi," the character that remains unchanged throughout the story can be considered the static character. This character may serve as a point of stability or a constant presence amidst the changing events and dynamic characters in the play.

What are the release dates for The Carolers - 2009?

The Carolers - 2009 was released on: USA: 11 August 2009 (internet)

Is hamadi in hamadi by naomi shibab nye is round or flat character?

Hamadi in "Hamadi" by Naomi Shihab Nye is a round character. He is complex and multidimensional, showing growth and change throughout the story, rather than remaining stagnant and one-dimensional like a flat character.

What is the name of the group who walk through the streets in the neighborhood singing Christmas carols?

The people that are singing Christmas song in the street, are called Christmas Carolers.

What does mr hamadi teach Susan?

Susan didn't understand what was hamadi to them, if he was a relative, where and when tehy met him,etc

What type of figurines does Byer Carolers make?

The company known as Byers Carolers, more commonly known as Byers Choice Ltd, offer a range of handcrafted figurines of carolers. There are many with different christmas themed outfits.