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What is the owl's scientific name?


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There is no scientific name in general for the owl. Each specific owl has its own specific name. So in other words, the owl (in general) has no scientific name.

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The scientific name for birrowing owls is Athene Cunicularia.

The scientific name is Bubo scandiaca do you think scientific nomenclature actually works? the point of a scientific name is to separate between species. there are multiple species of owls. :|

Scientific name of the Barn Owl is Tyto alba

The scientific name for snowy owl is Nyctea Scandiaca.

Barn Owls are also called Tyto Albas, the scientific name. If you like barn owls, read the owls of gahoole series.

Owl in Latin is "Strix". the plural is "Strig", the scientific name for all owls is "Strigiformes"

the Scientific name of The Barn Owl is Tyto alba, and The Tawny Owl is Strix alucoalso the scienetific name of all owl's are raptors and birds of prey

There are many species of Owls, but the common name for Owls is Owls and the owls are in an order of birds called Strigiformes.AnswerThere are about 200 owl species. Examples of species with their scientific names are:Barn Owl Tyto albaSnowy Owl Nyctea scandiacaSpotted Owl Strix occidentalisWood Owl Strix woodfordiPel's Fishing Owl Scotopelia peliSpotted Eagle Owl Bubo africanaMalay Fish Owl Ketupa ketupa

The collective noun for owls is a parliament of owls.

Owls are strigiformes. The category is further decided into two groups: heart faced owls such as masked and barn owls (tytonidae or tyto) and true owls (strigidae or strix)

The scientific name for a male snowy owl is Bubo Scandiacus. These owls are very large and it has yellow eyes.

No they are not. Ostriches are according to many scientific websites.

I would have to say that they are Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls, and Burrowing Owls.

"A Peck of Owls" (HP5, Chapter Two)

A group of owls is known as a parliament.

There is no exact phobia name but the name for the fear of birds is 'ornithophobia' which could include fear of owls

Night vision? Or were you looking for the scientific term?

Strigiformes is the collective name for all owls species, owls are from the strgiformes family.

it probably does because it's in the name "snowy owls"

Owls (birds of the order Strigiformes)are divided into two main groups:Strigidae: typical owls such as Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)Tytonidae: barn owls such as the common Barn Owl (Tyto alba)The Northern Spotted Owl is Strix occidentalis caurina.The Snowy Owl is Bubo scandiacus.

Ursa Minor is the scientific name.Ursa Minor is the scientific name.Ursa Minor is the scientific name.Ursa Minor is the scientific name.

No, burrowing owls live exactly where their name suggests - in burrows.

A scientific name for name is nomenclature.

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