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Oxalic acid has the chemical formula H2C2O4. It is a strong dicarboxylic acid occurring in many plants and vegetables.

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What is the formula for Oxalic acid?

The formula for Oxalic acid is C2O2(OH)2

What is the compound formula for oxalic acid?

The chemical formula of the oxalic acid is C2O4H2.

What are oxalic acid?

Oxalic acid is an organic compound, a diprotic acid, with the molecular formula H2C2O4.

Chemical formula of oxalic acid?


Is oxalic acid a strong acid?

No. Oxalic acid is a weak acid.

What kind of acid is oxalic acid?

Oxalic acid is a diprotic acid.

What is the name for the formula H2C2O4?

The name of the compound H2C2O4 is oxalic acid.

Which pop is more acidic?

what is the chemical formula of citric acid? what is the chemical formula of acetic acid? what is the chemical formula of formic acid? what is the chemical formula of Latic acid? what is the chemical formula of oxalic acid? what is the chemical formula of ascorbic acid? what is the chemical formula of tartaric acid?

Is oxalic acid dibasic?

Oxalic acid is a weak dibasic acid.

What is the basicity of oxalic acid?

the basisity of oxalic acid is dibasic acid

Is oxalic acid in rhubarb leaves?

Oxalic acid is in the leaves

What is valency oxalic acid?

2 is the valency of oxalic acid

Is oxalic acid polyprotic?

Yes, Oxalic acid is a common Polyprotic Acid. It is a weak acid.

Could u tell me the Gram equivalent weight of oxalic acid?

Formula of oxalic acid is H2C2O4.2H2O. Therefore, the equivalent weight of the acid is molecular weight divided by n-factor = 126/2 = 63.

What happens when oxalic acid goes into the mouth?

Oxalic acid is found in such plants such as spinach and other plants like rhubarb. In high concentrations oxalic acid is poisonous. Oxalic acid is a organic compound that is colorless.

What are the differences between oxalic acid and ethanoic acid?

Oxalic acid is dicarboxylic acid while ethanoic acid is monocarboxylic acid.

What product is obtained by reaction between aluminium hydroxide and oxalic acid?

Well, when I looked online for the formula for oxalic acid, it said it was H2C2O4. If this is correct the equation would be H2C2O4 + Al(OH)3 --> H2O..... Something... Im not sure about that last part because the oxalic acid formula doesnt seem right to me... But it would be a double-displacement reaction.

What elements are in an oxalic acid?

Oxalic acid contain hydrogen, oxygen carbon.

Does tomato contain oxalic acid?

Yes tomato contains oxalic acid as it ripens the amount of Vitamin C decreases and the amount of oxalic acid increases

How long does oxalic acid stay in your system?

How long does oxalic acid stay in the body

What foods have oxalic acid?

Some foods, such as rhubarb and spinach, are high in oxalic acid

How do you prepare 0.5M oxalic acid solution?

how to prepare 0.5M of oxalic acid powder

How do you prepare 0.1N oxalic acid?

how do prepare 0.1 N Oxalic acid

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