What is the oxymoron of peace?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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'Peace force' would be an oxymoron with the word 'peace' in it.

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Q: What is the oxymoron of peace?
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What is an example of an oxymoron in 1984?

An example of an oxymoron in George Orwell's novel "1984" is the phrase "war is peace," which is one of the slogans of the Party in the story. This oxymoron illustrates the Party's use of contradictory statements to maintain control over the population through manipulation of language.

Is 'peace and war' an oxymoron?

Yes, "peace and war" can be considered an oxymoron because the two terms represent opposite states or conditions - peace signifies harmony and lack of conflict, while war signifies conflict and violence. The juxtaposition of these opposing concepts creates a contradiction within the phrase.

What word means that two words cancel each other out?

That is an "oxymoron", like "holy war", "peace force", "military intelligence", from a humorous point of view--"civil war", which is not actually an oxymoron if "civil" is defined as citizens of the same country.

What is the three examples of oxymoron?

the best known is 'military intelligence'. but you can make up your own:- fighting for peace! caring conservatives...

How would you use the word oxymoron in a sentence not an oxymoron but the word oxymoron not an example of an oxymoron but the word oxymoron?

George Carlin referred to "military intelligence" as an oxymoron in one of his comedy performances.

What is the oxymoron to vague?

what is an oxymoron for vaguely

Is sound asleep an oxymoron in the book The Giver?

Yes, the phrase "sound asleep" is used as an oxymoron in the book The Giver. It is used to describe a state where one is both deeply asleep and completely undisturbed or at peace, emphasizing the contrast between the two.

The purpose of an oxymoron is what?

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What is the opposite of oxymoron?

There is no antonym to oxymoron

When was The Oxymoron created?

The Oxymoron was created in 2007.

Is dry water an oxymoron?

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What is an oxymoron with working vacation?

An oxymoron is a phrase that has words that counteract eachother. So working vacation is an oxymoron itself.