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4 to 6 is the pH of pine trees

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Q: What is the pH of pine trees?
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Why can't you smell pine from your pine trees?

why cant you smell pine from your pine trees?

Do pine trees have leafs?

No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

Are pine trees sexual?

No, pine trees are not sexual.

Do you cones grow in pine trees or ash trees?

Pine trees of course!

What is a pine plantation?

A plantation (area of trees) of pine trees

Do pine trees have flowers?

No, pine trees do not produce flowers.

What do pine trees have that fern and mosses do not?

Pine trees have quite a few things that fern and mosses do not. Pine trees have pine cones and a wooden trunk.

Another name for coniferous trees?

Evergreens or Pine Trees

Another name for a pine tree?

Pine trees are sometimes also called conifer trees. This is because pine trees produce cones that are planted to grow more pine trees.

Do pine trees grow in the rain forest?

No, there is only pine trees in pine forests. I think?

What structure do pine trees and spruce trees use to reproduce?

pine cone

Can pine trees grow in Florida?

pine trees thrive in Florida

What trees need fire to reproduce?

pine trees, Jack Pine

What are pine trees a type of?

Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous softwoods.

How do pine trees get its water?

do pine trees get there water from roots or needles

Are pine trees real?

Yes, of course pine trees are real. That's where pine needles and pine cones come from.

Is pine natural or man made?

Natural, Pine comes from pine trees and trees grow naturally!

What type of plants grow cones?

Coniferous trees bear cones such as pine trees, fir trees, and spruce trees...Pine trees bear pine cones.Conifers; Coniferous plants

What does the color pine green mean?

a pine trees pine

Do pine trees release a histamine?

Do Pine trees help with histamine allergies

Are pine trees found in the woodlands?

Yes, pine trees can be found in the woodlands.

Are cockatiels allergic to pine trees?

Cockatiels are not at all allergic to pine trees.

Why are pine trees are dying?

Because of Beatles laying eggs on the pine trees.

Do any pine trees have flowers?

All pine trees have flowers but they are insignificant.

What tree is pine wood from?

pine trees