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Q: What is the pH value of CO2 plus H2O?
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Why is the pH of deionized H2O often less than 7.0?

Because when it is exposed to air, the CO2 will effectively lower the pH

What are the chemical reactions that take place in limestone caves?

CaCO3> Ca^2+ +CO3^2- Basic CaCOO3+H^+ > Ca2+ +HCO3^- Ph dissolution CaCO3+ 2H^+ > Ca2+ + H2O + CO2 acidic Ph dissolution CaCO3+ H2O +CO2 > Ca^2+ + 2HCO3^- CO2 reacts with the atmosphere

When H2O dissociates into what pH value indicates that the concentration of H equals OH?

The neutral pH is 7,00.

What is the highest possible PH for pure H2O?

Pure water has only one value of pH, that is 7, which is the pH for a neutral solution.

What does pH of pure H2O means?

ph is to will tare the h2o

What happen to the ph of pure water of ph 7 by passing a current of atmospheric air giving reason?

The pH value of the water decreases. because carbon dioxide from the air is dissolved in and reacts with the water, releasing hydrogen ions according to the equation CO2 + H2O -> CO3-2 + 2 H+1.

What is the normal pH for H2O and What happens if H2O's pH is abnormal?

The pH of water [H2O] is generally 7, and hence neutral. If the pH of a body of water is above or below the previously established value of 7, it could mean a large number of things, generally outside the realms of the empircal formula, i.e. a foreign substance.

What is the ion affecting pH in NaCl plus H2O?

The sodium chloride water solution is neutral.

What is the balanced equation for calcium carbonate plus hcl produces calcium chloride water and carbon dioxide?

Let's check it! CaOH+CO2 ---> CaHCO3 You can't do it any other way. Calcium Carbonate is CaCO3, so all that will leave is hydrogen. Depending on how you react it, you can either get calcium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate and hydrogen. If you get calcium bicarbonate, try baking it to release hydrogen.

Reaction of Na2S2O5 plus H2O2 and pH effect?

HSO2 + H2O2+H2O----------HSO4 + O2 +2H+High pH will prevent reacction

How does rising carbon dioxide levels affect the pH of ocean water?

Carbon dioxide dissolves slightly in water to form a weak acid called carbonic acid, H2CO3, according to the following reaction:CO2 + H2O --> H2CO3After that, carbonic acid reacts slightly and reversibly in water to form a hydronium cation, H3O+, and the bicarbonate ion, HCO3-, according to the following reaction:H2CO3 + H2O --> HCO3- + H3O+This chemical behaviour explains why water, which normally has a neutral pH of 7 has an acidic pH of approximately 5.5 when it has been exposed to air.Read more:

What pH is h2o?

H2O is a neutral compound.Its pH is 7 in 25 Celcious.