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What is the part of the cell that releases energy so the cell can function?


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Mitochondria is most important part of cell that produces ATP (energy ) in cell . Some energy is produced in cytoplasm .

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The Mitochondria is the cell part that releases energy.

The organelles called mitochondria.

Energy in the cell is made from the hydrolysis of ATP. This occurs mostly in the mitochondria (the power house of the cell).

I believe you mean the "mitochondria".

The mitochondria are the organelles responsible for the release of energy. They are often referred to as the powerhouse of the cells.

The primary function of mitochondria is to produce energy for the cell. It is often called the powerhouse of the cell.

It is the energy and synthesis center of the cells.

mitochondria is responsible for energy production. nucleus directs and replicates the cell. cytoplasm is a watery solution within the cell that holds organelles. lysosomes contain enzymes to digest material. ribosomes synthesize proteins.

Of course not,it is not a function of cell membrane.It is the function of ribosomes.

We need to know which cell part you are speaking about.

You can match a cell part with its function, for example the ribosomes, can be matched with "site for mRNA translation".

What part of the animal cell is responsible for energy production?

The part of the cell that produces energy varies between plants and animals. In plants, the energy producing part of the cell occurs in the chloroplast of the plant. In animals, the mitochondria produces the cells energy.

The cell uses diffusion so it can transport materials from one part of the cell to another, so it doesn't have to use a lot of energy. Hope this helps! ☺️

The chloroplast is the part of a plant cell that traps the Sun's energy.

A specialized part of a cell that carries out a specific function is called an organelle. These organelles work together to help the cell.

the cell menbram is the part that controls the cell and nucleus

Mitochondria is known as the power house of the cell. Mitochondria take very active part in respiration to release energy for vital activities.

The part of a cell that protects and supports it is the cell wall and the nucleus respectively. Every part of the cell has its unique function that allows the cell to survive.

It is the "powerhouse" of the cell and makes proteins for the cell!

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