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What is the past tense of the word cut?


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The past tense of cut is cut. For example: I cut my hand two days ago.
The past tense is also cut.


I cut a slice off the loaf every time I eat. [simple present tense]

Yesterday I cut my fingernails. [simple past tense]
The past tense of cut is cut.


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Cut is also the past tense.

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No. Cut is the past tense for cut.

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The word cut is both present tense and past tense because you can use it in something that has happened, happening or going to happen. It's also a future tense.

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"Cut" is one of the verbs that does not change from present tense to past tense. The past tense of "cut" is "cut". The past participle is "cut".

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the past participle and past tense of cut is also cut.

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