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What is the patent number of the game football?

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Football is not patented. The rules are readily available and anyone can play. Many items related to football have copyrights, such as the rule books, team names and recordings of games.

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If it is a U.S. patent, you can go to the USPTO website for patent searches and enter the number in "patent number search".

Patent pending is a warning that a patent application has been filed. It is completely worthless until and unless a patent is actually issued for that invention. Patent number notice means a patent with that number was issued for the invention that is implemented in the product labeled with that number.

There is no specific patent number for the mailbox.

Talk to a patent lawyer. He/she will have the knowledge on how to patent the game. I have provided a link. But I would still highly recommend seeing the patent lawyer.

A patent number is the code that helps identify an invention.

The US patent number is US 7198789 B2.

You communicate with the Patent Office.

There is no US patent 555408021. There is also no US patent 55408021.

Clifford Von Wickler invented the game but did not patent it as did Milton Bradley in 1943 .

The phone number of the Holland Patent Free Library is: 315-865-5034.

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The Frisbee patent was issued on September 30, 1958 as Design Patent number D183,626.

If it is a U.S. patent, you can go to the USPTO website for patent searches and enter the number in "patent number search". You can obtain the online image of nearly any US patent ever issued (using TIFF format). If you do not know the patent number, you may have to go elsewhere for more information, as the USPTO database prior to 1976 cannot be searched by anything other than the patent number.

Thomas Edison's patent number is 223,898 (Jan. 27 1880).

Rillieux received patent number 3237 for his improvement to sugar processing in 1843.

You will have to check with the US Patent Office

Yes, under the laws of some countries a patent cannot be effectively enforced unless the patent number is put on the product or its packaging.

The phone number of the Patent Museum is: 502-942-9023.

A patent number will only tell you the EARLIEST date on which the device was manufactured, and the patent number could still be put on many years after the patent expired (although without any legal effect). For U.S. patents, go to, click patent, search, and type in the number to find the image of the particular patent you're interested in (prior to 1976).

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