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There are several resources online that cover this topic. Go to the US open tennis website, then navigate to About -> History -> Prize Money

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Payout for 2014 us open

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Q: What is the pay scale of the US Open tennis tournament for players?
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Is Wimbledon an open tennis tournament?

No. Only top professional tennis players can compete for the title.

What is a junior satellite tennis tournament?

A junior tennis open is a competitive tennis tournament for players in the United States 18 years of age and younger.

Which of these tennis players won his or her first Grand Slam title in September 2012?

There is no "2012 open tennis tournament".

When was Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament created?

Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament was created in 1984.

Two players have won the chennai open ATP tennis tournament twice one is carlos moyawho is the other?

Pat Rafter

What tennis ball is used at the US Open tennis tournament?


What is a popular tennis tournament?

Wimbledon, U.S. Open, French Open, Australian Open are the (4) Majors in Tennis

Which tennis tournament is not included Grand Salam?

U.s. Open

How are umpires chosen for the US Open tennis tournament?

by their ranking

Who sponsors the US Open Tennis Tournament?

Ralph Lauren.

When did the Qatar Open Mens Tennis tournament start?


How much do quarterfinalist win in the US Open tennis tournament?

Quarterfinalists in the Us Open Grand Slam tournament win about $237,500.