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Q: What is the percent chance that a mongoose can beat a cobra?
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Can a mongoose beat a snake?

of couse they can

Mongoose vs monitor lizard who would win?

The monitor is strong but a mongoose is so fast. A Nile Monitor could beat most of the mongoose subspecies but the White Tailed Mongoose would beat even a Nile Monitor.

What snake can beat a mongoose?

is the green anaconda

What animal can beat a wolf in a fight?


Would a monkey beat a mongoose in a fight?

Monkey or MongooseYes, a monkey can beat a mongoose in a fight. You see, monkeys are highly intelligent, in fact they are our ancestors. They have been known to kill people as well. Therefore in conclusion, a monkey would totally beat the mongoose

Will an elephant beat a king cobra?

if it is in a rage yes if not no

How do you get a light ball in pokemon white?

Get a wild pikachu after you beat the elite four and there will be a 75 percent chance that your pikachu will be holding a light ball.

Who would win a fight snake or dragon?

AnswerDragon and Snake are both cousins in the reptile family but in terms of fighting the Dragon will win because of the more tougher scales and razor shape claws.snake would win the dragon may be bigger more resiliants and razor sharp claws but none of those count for anything when the snake can't be hit and when a venemous snake bites it could penetrate the scales and poison it snake wins or if it is a constrictor is can cut of blood the the legs and then it can't use it's claws snake winsThe dragon would look for an easier kill and just turn heel and run

Will a 2004 mustang cobra beat a 2005 gto?

It would honestly depend on mods done, My GTO has won many times against cobra and lost many as well. a stock cobra and stock GTO should be a good race because the cobra wouldn't hook.

Where do you get cobra claws in dragon quest 9?

to get cobra claws, you have to beat dragon quest and then at stornway there is a new shopkeeper and he sells all new weapons (weapon shop and armour shop)

Can hulk hogan beat the undertaker?

No there no chance

Can the undertaker can beat hulk hogan?

No there no chance