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Q: What is the percentage of Americans that do not pay income tax?
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What is the historical percentage of Americans that do not pay Federal Income Tax?


What percentage of americans don't pay federal income tax?


What percentage of black people pay income tax?

hard to say, but African Americans work just as much as white Americans. most of the people who don't pay income tax are the elderly, only 15% of the 47% of the country that don't pay them are low income.

Do all Americans pay the same income tax?


What is the definition of graduated income tax?

The higher your income, the higher percentage you pay.

What percentage of people do not pay federal income tax?

60% :-)

What tax strategy requires people to pay a specific percentage of their income no matter what their level of income is?

A flat tax.

Should the rich have to pay a greater portion of their income in taxes than the poor why or why not?

The rich do in fact pay a higher percentage of their income in income tax, because we have a progressive income tax based on six different tax brackets, where the higher your income is the higher a percentage tax bracket you will be in. Depends on which country you're in. In the US, this is not the case.

What percentage of people pay no income tax?

Nation wide? About 32%.

What percentage of American people pay fed income tax?


How is income tax progressive?

As one earns more they "progressively" pay a greater percentage of their income.

What is a progressive tax strategy?

it is tha strategy that governs tax increases proportionally with taxable income. the higher your taxable income the higher tax percentage you will pay.