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No, there have not been any studies on that so you're just making up numbers to be funny. Most students do their work at night because they take a little break from the work right when they get home. Of course, some students take much too long a break and end up rushing to get the work done at bedtime, and then they're tired and cranky. The best way is to take an hour or two to play, then get the work done, and then you have until bedtime to play some more.

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No studies have been done

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20% of students don't do their homework.

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Q: What is the percentage of students who don't do their homework?
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Do students in Finland have homework?

Yes, students in Finland have homework

What percentage of students do home work at home?

There are no scientific studies, so we can't answer this one - but studies do show that students who do homework make better grades!

What is the percentage of students who do their homework?

No studies have been done but most kids do their work so they don't flunk out of class

What perecentage of students do better if they do homework?

An exact percentage is not available, but it would be high, possibley even in the high 90s, It is only reasonable to assume that if you do your homework, you will do better in school.

Who decides students should have homework?

Teachers decide what homework to give to students. Homework is given in order to enhance the instruction given in the classroom, so students can learn the material well.

Do students like to do their homework?


Why does homework make students lazy?

Homework makes students the opposite - it helps them learn to be more responsible and get better grades.

Does anybody do their own homework anymore?

Yes, of course they do. Students who understand that doing homework prepares them for life after they graduate, as well as students who know that doing their homework helps them to succeed in school do their own homework.

By what percentage does homework improve the grades?

This question is not possible to answer. It depends on the age of the student, the philosophy of the school or the individual teacher.Some teachers think that homework is good for students to practice what they learned in class. This is a good strategy for languages and mathematics.Some teachers think that homework is good for students to extra work related to what they have learned.Some teachers believe that homework should be used to complete assignment work.There are probably many different types of homework given. What percentage of time is spent on homework compared with school is really answered for an individual student at an individual school and individual teacher.No answer!

Do they get homework in Spain?

Yes. Spanish students have homework, just like students in all other Western schools. Spaniards typically have as much homework as other Western Europeans, which is slightly more than American or Australian students.

Is it student's lost their homework or students' lost their homework?

Neither one. The apostrophe indicates possession or ownership. It would be plain students, with no apostrophe.

Is there a patron saint of homework?

There is no patron saint of homework but there are several patron saints of students.