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A perfect Golf swing is basically one which is very pleasing to the eye. This is one which has all the geometric positions perfectly met. So you would be looking along the lines of Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. Although a good swing does not have to be pretty, think of Jim Furyk and Jeev Milka Singh. The best swing in the world used to be regarded as Canadian Moe Norman's.

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Where might one go to view videos of the perfect golf swing?

To view videos of the perfect gold swing, one may have a look on the YouTube website. Other websites where one may view the perfect golf swing are: About, Videojug and Wimp.

What is a perfect golf swing?

A perfect golf swing is a swing that has to do with NO arms and ONLY chest, hip, body rotation. A way to make a shot come out perfect is if you rotate back and rotate through LIKE CRAZY. You have to do it all the way and you shot will blast out. I tell all about this swing on this question. "What is the correct golf swing plane?" If you type this on Wiki then it will tell you more about it.A perfect golf swing is the swing that works for you, one where you hit the ball straight and one that you can easily repeat. Jim Furyk is a great example of this. Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino are also good examples of golf swings that, although not text book perfect, worked extremely well for them. The best way to find yours would be to consult your local PGA pro.

What it is used to hit ball when you play golf?

I am learner of golf and taking online training from TheGolfersWebsite. What I learned a perfect swing is required to hit the ball.

When did True Swing Golf happen?

True Swing Golf happened in 2005.

When did Super Swing Golf happen?

Super Swing Golf happened in 2006.

When did Swing Away Golf happen?

Swing Away Golf happened in 2000.

What word is in common with golf and playground?

The word is swing. Golfers swing the golf club. Children play on a swing at the playground.

What speed is considered a fast golf swing?

A golf swing that is too fast for you to keep balance.

What are the prime movers in a golf swing?

The tricep is the prime mover in the acceleration stage of the golf swing.

When was True Swing Golf created?

True Swing Golf was created on 2005-11-10.

When was Super Swing Golf created?

Super Swing Golf was created on 2006-12-02.

When was Swing Away Golf created?

Swing Away Golf was created on 2000-03-23.

Can Golf swing affect a batting swing?

It wont be a bad effect, if anything a good one. You need the same strength and ability to swing a golf club and a baseball bat. As myself, I golf and i use to play baseball and my golf swing helped me alot with baseball.

What has the author Cary Middlecoff written?

Cary Middlecoff has written: 'Golf doctor' -- subject(s): Golf, Lending library 'The golf swing' -- subject(s): Swing (Golf)

How do you develop a perfect golf swing?

Developing the perfect golf swing takes a clear understanding of the mechanics of the swing, and then a clear understanding of how to learn those mechanics. The brain learns new movement patterns in a very specific way and if you don't know what this way is, you'll spend a lot of time wasting your effort. Dan Coyle wrote a great book called the Talent Code that will help you understand this process.

Where can one find a golf swing trainer?

A golf swing trainer is a piece of equipment which helps golfers improve their swing. It can be purchased at a number of online and bricks and mortar golfing outlets. Some online examples include Super Swing Trainer, Momentus Golf, and Goldsmith. Golf swing trainers can also be purchased on Amazon and Ebay.

Where online can one purchase golf swing analysis products?

One can purchase golf swing analysis products at Golf Tec. These items are also available at Swing Byte, V1 Sports, Motion Pro Software as well as C Swing.

How do you measure your golf swing?

The speed of a persons golf swing can be determined by clipping a swing speed clip to the club. These devices can be found in sporting goods stores.

What is the meaning of improving golf swing?

Improving your golf swing generally means improving the fundamentals of it i.e correct swing plane, coiling correctly etc.

How do you fix your golf swing?

Find a golf pro to give you lessons for your swing. Another way is to videotape yourself and see if you find any vaults in your swing.

What is the duration of The Man with the Perfect Swing?

The duration of The Man with the Perfect Swing is 1.58 hours.

What is the fastest recorded golf swing?

The golf world's thermometer for measuring golf swing speed is the Trackman swing monitor. There are many other machine's that vary greatly in the numbers that they provide. ON THE TRACKMAN the fastest swingers on earth swing between 142-147mph.

What does it mean by swinging your golf club to hit the golf ball?

Have you seen a golf swing? The idea is to hit the ball with the swing, that is the only way to play the game.

What is the most important factor in an excellent golf swing?

The most important factor in an excellent golf swing is set up.

What has the author Ernest Jones written?

Ernest Jones has written: 'Swing the clubhead' -- subject(s): Swing (Golf), Golf

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