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Theophobia- the irrational fear of a god or deity. Remember its only a phobia if its an "irrational" fear, a normal healthy fear is not a phobia.


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The phobia, or fear, of having a phobia is called Phobophobia.

A lizard phobia is a phobia of lizards

Social Phobia is the phobia of embarrassment. It is the phobia in which a person is scared of being bullied.

ATHAZAGORAPHOBIA. Or social phobia

Phobia is the smallest phobia word

I don't know if that's a phobia but the phobia of having a phobia is Phobophobia.

Autophobia (or Monophobia) is the phobia of being alone.

i don't think there is a ruler of all phobia

I looked it up and there is no phobia name for hail.

although there is no audi-specific phobia, there is a phobia called Amaxophobia and it is the fear of riding in a car.

Your question asks what the phobia of a fear is (X-phobia-phobia): the PHOBIA OF THE FEAR of the number eight would be octophobia-phobia. The fear of the number eight would simply be octophobia.

a phobia is not as much a phobia as much as it is more of a mental disorder

It's not real, but if you know what phobia means, you'll know what soup phobia means. Phobia: scared of something. So... soup phobia is when your scared if soup!

To have a phobia is to have a fear.

What is the phobia of geese?

What is the phobia of buttons?


No. You can't do a phobia.

Mud Phobia is the phobia (fear) of mud. Its called mysophobia, myso meaning mud and phobia meaning fear.

A phobia is an extreme fear of something. A sentence using 'the phobia' is: The phobia of ants, myrmecophobia, is not very common.

well i believe that aquaphobia should be a phobia but no there isn't

Yes, the phobia of French people is a real phobia, as silly as it sounds.The phobia is called Francophobia.

There is not a phobia for not knowing information or things. There is a phobia of knowledge which is gnosiophobia.

Panophobia or Pantophobia according to The Phobia List (

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