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Theophobia- the irrational fear of a god or deity. Remember its only a phobia if its an "irrational" fear, a normal healthy fear is not a phobia.

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Q: What is the phobia of Allah?
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What is the phobia of embarrassment?

Social Phobia is the phobia of embarrassment. It is the phobia in which a person is scared of being bullied.

What is a lizard phobia?

A lizard phobia is a phobia of lizards

Phobia of jars of olives?

Bad phobia Bad phobia

What phobia is the phobia of rulers?

i don't think there is a ruler of all phobia

What phobia is the phobia of hail?

I looked it up and there is no phobia name for hail.

What phobia is the phobia of people dressed up?

Luke Adams phobia

What is the phobia for skiing?

Chionophobia is the phobia of skiing/snow.

What is the phobia of being scared?

I don't know if that's a phobia but the phobia of having a phobia is Phobophobia.

What is a soup phobia?

It's not real, but if you know what phobia means, you'll know what soup phobia means. Phobia: scared of something. So... soup phobia is when your scared if soup!

How do you use the phobia in a sentence?

A phobia is an extreme fear of something. A sentence using 'the phobia' is: The phobia of ants, myrmecophobia, is not very common.

What phobia is the phobia of being rejected?

ATHAZAGORAPHOBIA. Or social phobia

What phobia is the fear of castles?

It has been casually referred to as "Castle-a-phobia", but there is no official name for this phobia.

Phobia of fear of no 8?

Your question asks what the phobia of a fear is (X-phobia-phobia): the PHOBIA OF THE FEAR of the number eight would be octophobia-phobia. The fear of the number eight would simply be octophobia.

What part of speech is phobia?

"Phobia" is a noun.

Is there such thing as a phobia of French people?

Yes, the phobia of French people is a real phobia, as silly as it sounds.The phobia is called Francophobia.

Phobia of having a phobia?

Like all phobias, phobophobia is an exaggerated fear response. While in other phobias, the irrationally heightened response focuses on a specific object or situation, in phobophobia, the fear is of the fear response itself.

What is the phobia of not knowing things?

There is not a phobia for not knowing information or things. There is a phobia of knowledge which is gnosiophobia.

What phobia is the phobia of everything?

Panophobia or Pantophobia according to The Phobia List (

What is the phobia of candy?

It depends on which type of candy... But there is no candy phobia. Just phobia of candy :)

What is the shortest phobia word?

I think it's acrophobia

What is the correct phobia term for the fear of losing friends?

Mankesafat-phobia or smd-phobia

What phobia is the fear of toe nails?

There is no name for phobia concerning toes, But phobia concerning feet is "Podophobia"

What is the meaning of phobia phobic?

A phobia is an irrational fear phobia phobic means the fear of fear itself

What phobia is the fear of blueberries?

Bebuphobia...that is the fear or phobia of blueberries.

What is mud phobia?

Mud Phobia is the phobia (fear) of mud. Its called mysophobia, myso meaning mud and phobia meaning fear.