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hayfoditamobia; fear of letting go.

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Q: What is the phobia of someone leaving?
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What is the name for phobia of leaving phone off hook?

There does not seem to be a specific phobia for leaving the phone off of the hook. There is a phobia of phones that is called phonophobia. This caused people to fear answering or handling phones.

Is there a name for a ski phobia?

There is not a specific phobia name for a ski phobia. There is a snow phobia that is called chionophobia and if someone were afraid of snow, they would not enjoy skiing.

What phobia is the fear of leaves?

The fear of leaving is called agoraphobia. This progressive phobia is the fear of leaving the house. It is associated with a panic attack.

What is Someone who has a phobia of food called?


Is there a fear or phobia of leaving your back exposed as in necessity to have a solid object behind you such as a wall?


Fear of losing someone you love?

Thantophobia - The Phobia of losing someone you love

What is densensitization?

its fear or a type of phobia of something/someone.

What is he phobia called if someone has a fear of height?


What is it called if someone is afraid of trees?

Tree Phobia

What do you call someone you're afraid of?

a fear or phobia

What does antifobia mean?

Did you mean anti-phobia? A phobia is a kind of fear that can sometimes render someone from doing certain things because of it. For example someone with herpetophobia has a fear of reptiles/amphibians and will avoid them at all costs. Anti-phobia is the act of trying to cure the phobia and may be the term used to refer to an anti-phobia pill or suppressant. Anti-phobia could also be seen as anti-fear.

What are signs of phobia disorders?

A phobia disorder is where someone has a very dramatic fear of something. Everyone has some sort of phobia but it only becomes a disorder if it interferes with their everyday life.