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Ella dice.

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Q: What is the phrase 'she says' when translated from English to Spanish?
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What is the phrase 'kenyang banget' when translated from Indonesian to English?

The phrase 'kenyang banget' in English means 'very full'. A person says 'kenyang banget' when they feel very full after eating.

What does me tu hablo es tu como mean in English?

It means absolutely nothing in Spanish. Directly translated it says: "Me you I talk, it is you like"

How do you write says in Spanish?

says... its the same for both Spanish and English :)

What is de nada mean?

The English equivalents of the Portuguese and Spanish words 'te' and 'nada' are the following: 'te', which is the direct object form of the second person pronoun, is 'you'; and 'nada', which is the third person form of the verb 'nadar', is '[he/she/it] swims'. But the verb doesn't take a direct object in Portuguese, or in Spanish. And so the phrase instead must be 'de nada', which may be an answer to being thanked. For it's the equivalent of the English 'You're welcome', 'No problem', 'It's no problem', or 'Don't mention it'.

How do you say the one that says in Igbo language?

The phrase, the one that says, is translated into the Igbo language as "onye na-ekwu."

Can anyone find the English translation of la lengua de las mariposas?

One may find the answer to this by using Google translate. The translation that came up there is that it says "the language of butterflies". This is translated from Spanish to English.

How do you get to appear in English and not Spanish?

u click on on the button that says appear in English or it depends if you have a spanish computer.

What does igulmente mean?

'Igualmente' is a Spanish expression that means 'the same for you' in English, for instance: If someone says 'Que tengas un buen día' in Spanish, which means 'Have a nice day', it's perfectly correct to answer 'Igualmente' as a courtesy phrase.

What does hierba mean in English?

Grass. It can also mean "Herb". There is a Spanish phrase that says "Hierba buena". It is not a "good herb", but rather peppermint. 'La hierba" can also be a slang reference to Marijuana.

What does E plurbris unum mean?

E pluribus Unum is a Latin phrase. Translated into English it means, out of many, one. This phrase is on the seal of the United States of America.

Does actress Ninel Conde speak English?

Yes, she does. She speaks Spanish and English; she says so on her website. It's not for sure if she is fluent in English but she says she knows it.

How do you say can we speak in English in french?

Nous parlons anglais is the phrase which is in French. It says we speak in English in French.