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Q: What is the physical significance of permittivity?
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What is difference between absolute permittivity and relative permittivity of medium?

The absolute permittivity of a medium is its relative permittivity multiplied by the vacuum permittivity. The absolute permittivity is a proportionality constant between the electric and displacement field with units of Farad/meters (in SI units). This number is usually very small (e.g. for air: 0.000 000 000 008 85 F/m). The relative permittivity is a unit-less number scaled upward to present nicer numbers (e.g. for air: 1.0005). To get the absolute permittivity from the relative permittivity one should multiply with the vacuum permittivity: 8.85418781... E-12 F/m.

What is significance of Hall coefficient?

physical significance of hall coefficient

What is the Physical significance of z transform?

t is the significance of Z-transform

What is the relative permittivity of wood?

* Wood dry 1.4-2.9 Retrieved from ""

What is Relative dielectric constant for vacuum?

YES IT IS. Any quantity which is ratio of two physical quantities having same unit is dimensionless. Dielectric constant is ratio of Permittivty of medium to the permittivity of free space. As Permittivity of medium and permittivity of free space both have same units(F/m ie Farad/meter) dielectric constant becomes dimensionless quantity

What is relative permittivity if dielectric constant of water is 80.10?

'Dielectric constant' is an archaic term for relative permittivity. They are one and the same.

What is the difference between complex permittivity and static dielectric conatant?

What is the difference between complex permittivity and static dielectric conatant?

What is dimension of permittivity of vacumm?

The dimension of permittivity of any medium or vacuum (free space) is C2 N-1 m-2

Does the phrase direction of zero vector have physical significance?

No. the zero vector has no direction, therefore it has no significance.

What is meant about di-electric constant?

The relative permittivity of a material is its dielectric permittivity expressed as a ratio relative to the permittivity of vacuum.Permittivity is a material property that expresses the force between two point charges in the material. Relative permittivity is the factor by which the electric field between the charges is decreased or increased relative to vacuum.Likewise, relative permittivity is the ratio of the capacitance of a capacitor using that material as a dielectric, compared to a similar capacitor that has vacuum as its dielectric. Relative permittivity is also commonly known as dielectric constant, a term deprecated in physics and engineering.

What is permittivity of paper?


What is the relative permittivity of indium arsenide?