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The piece of skin that connects the penis head to the shaft is called the frenulum.

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Q: What is the piece of skin connecting the penis head to the shaft?
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What is a Penis skin bridge?

A penis skin bridge is an attachment of the shaft of the penis and the head of the penis.

The head of your penis is partly connected to the shaft Is this normal?

Everyone's penis has that connection it is called a Frenelum.

How do you take off a lacrosse head from a lacrosse stick?

Normally the lacrosse head is screwed into the shaft. You can therefore use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw connecting the head to the shaft. once the screw is removed you will be able to remove the head from the lacrosse shaft

What is the shaft of your penis?

The main part, from where it comes out of your body up to the glans, or head.

Where are chancroid sores located in males?

Common locations for chancroid sores (ulcers) in men are the shaft or head of the penis, foreskin, the groove behind the head of the penis, the opening of the penis, and the scrotum.

Iif you have pink on the head of your penis is it normal?

Most men have a shade of color that is different to the rest of the shaft of the penis. It is normal.

What is the middle part of the racket called?

it is called the shaft (if you're referring to the long part) the throat (if you're referring to the "T" shape connecting the shaft and the head)

Is it possible to have Pearly penile Papules on the foreskin shaft of your penis?

yes because i know someone who has it under the head of the penis on the lower skin

What are the white dots vissible on the underside of the penis?

If they only go half way up the shaft, it is probably just hair growing. If it is all the way up the shaft by the head of the penis, then it is probably a fungus or acne.

What is it called when a woman rubs her vagina on the shaft of a penis but only inserts the head of the penis?

Unfulfilled sex. '

What is the shaft on your penis?

It's the area that comes from the base to the head of the penis. It's what contains the two cavernous muscles and the urethra, which is surrounded by its own muscle.

What is chordee?

A condition in which the penis bends downward during an erection. This curving or bending makes it difficult to have normal sexual intercourse as an adult. Chordee is a condition in which the head of the penis curves downward or upward, at the junction of the head and shaft of the penis.

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