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is ciis is from the top hundred colleges of ptu

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Q: What is the placement of your college?
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What is the fee structure for cs of satya engineering college and what about the placement in haryana?

Nothing placement of satya college in Haryana.

Which is the top MBA college of uptu on the basis of placement faculty?

top 50 MBA college in u.p.t.u. on the basis of placement.

Why to join placement committee in college?

You can join the placement committee in college to help influence were students are placed. If you are a student this will help your voice be heard.

What does advanced placement mean?

Advanced Placement is a programme for high school students to earn university credits.

What has the author Joey Freeman written?

Joey Freeman has written: 'A vision for the college placement center' -- subject(s): College placement services, Employment agencies

Where are you suppose to take the English placement test and math placement test?

Placement tests are exams administered by colleges to newly admitted freshmen (or transfer students) to determine where in the curriculum each student needs to start at. Each college will have its own placement tests, if they are offered, and each test will be announced by that college. You would have to check with your college to see if, when, and where a placement test for English or math is being administered.

Is 100 percent placement in tagore engineering college?


Do colleges offer executive job placement for college graduates with master degrees?

Some colleges will offer job placement programs for those who have graduated or are about to graduate from their college for all Bachelors, Masters and PhD recipients. It is best to check with your college administation to determine if there is a job placement program.

Which is best kongu engineering college or easwari engineering college?


Why do advance placement classes in high school?

Advance placement classes give you a head start once you attend College. If you test well enough on the exit exam it counts as college credit.

What is the rank of nc engineering college in H aryana?

Number 1. This is best college by the point of placement

What is AP courses?

Advanced Placement, it's a college level class.