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The plural of nemesis is nemeses. According to Wiktionary, it may also be nemesi, but this form is rarely used.

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How do you spell nemisis?

The correct spelling of the singular noun is "nemesis" (plural nemeses).

Did Alton towers have the first Nemesis?

If you are asking did Nemesis at Alton Towers come before Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park, then yes, Alton Towers had the first Nemesis. There is also now a new attraction at the park, Nemesis Sub-Terra - based around the Nemesis Legend.

Was the goddess Nemesis immortal or mortal?

Nemesis was immortal.

What part of speech is the word nemesis?

Nemesis is a noun.

What is Nemesis the god of?

Nemesis is the goddess of revenge. She represents balance.

What is Nemesis powers?

Nemesis power is over Revange and balcnce

When did Nemesis Strike happen?

Nemesis Strike happened in 2005.

Where is the word nemesis derived from?

Nemesis was the Greek Goddess of vengance

When did Operation Nemesis happen?

Operation Nemesis happened in 1922.

When was Doctor Nemesis created?

Doctor Nemesis was created in 1941.

When was Nemesis Game created?

Nemesis Game was created in 2003.

When was Nemesis Records created?

Nemesis Records was created in 1986.

What is the ISBN of Nemesis the Warlock?

The ISBN of Nemesis the Warlock is 1905437110.

When was Nemesis Rail created?

Nemesis Rail was created in 2007.

Use nemesis in a sentence?

The Joker was the nemesis of Batman. Nemesis means that The Joker was Batman's enemy in the many movies of Batman.

How many pages does Cycle of Nemesis have?

Cycle of Nemesis has 190 pages.

How do you spell nemesis?

That is the correct spelling of "nemesis" (enemy, opponent, or foe).

Can you write a sentence using the word Nemesis?

A dog is a nemesis of a cat.

how do you use nemesis in a correct sentence?

ex. I'll nemesis you when you find out

How many pages does The Nemesis of Faith have?

The Nemesis of Faith has 227 pages.

What is the duration of Nemesis Game?

The duration of Nemesis Game is 1.53 hours.

Who is Miley Cyrus's evil Nemesis?

Her evil nemesis is Lady Ga Ga

What is the Greek meaning to the word nemesis?

Nemesis was the Ancient Greek Goddess of Vengeance.

How do you write a sentence using the word nemesis?

The sight of her nemesis filled her with rage.

What are the x men nemesis?

X-Men's nemesis is the supervillain known as Magneto

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