What is the plural for nerve?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is the plural for nerve?
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What part of speech is nerves?

The word nerves is a plural noun. The singular is nerve.

Clusters of many nerve cells are known as?

A cluster of many nerve cells outside the central nervous system is known as a ganglion (plural ganglia). A cluster of nerve cells within the central nervous system is known as a nucleus (plural nuclei).

Can vagus nerve be controlled by nerve meds?

can vegus nerve Can vagus nerve be controlled by nerve medicines

What nerve stimulates the diaphragm?


What are some parts of the frog's nervous system?

Olfactory nerve, Optic nerve, Nasal sack, Trigeminal nerve, Gasserian ganglion, Facial nerve, Auditory nerve, Tympanic membrane, Glossopharyngeal nerve, pneumogastric nerve, First spinal nerve, Branchial enlargement, Branchial nerve, Third spinal nerve, fourth spinal nerve, fifth spinal nerve, sixth spinal nerve, seventh spinal nerve, eighth spinal nerve, ninth spinal nerve, tenth spinal nerve, Femoral nerve, Sciatic nerve, Sympathetic nerve trunk, Lumbar enlargement, Sympathetic ganglia, and Filum terminale.

What cranial nerve is used when smelling a flower?

The Olfactory nerve. CN1 Cranial Nerve I, or the first cranial nerve called the Olfactory nerve.

What kind of nerve is the trigeminal nerve?

Cranial Nerve 5 (trigeminal), division V3 contains a buccal nerve, a lingual nerve and an inferior alveolar nerve.

What nerve carries impulses to the diaphragm?

phrenic nerve

What nerves combine to form the auditory nerve?

Vestibular nerve and cochlear nerve combines to form the vestibulocochlear nerve or the auditory nerve.

What is the difference between nerve cells and nerve?

a nerve tends to refer to a group of nerve cells.

What nerve controls quadriceps muscle group?

Femoral nerve

What part of the nervous system is affected by the bell's palsy?

The Facial Nerve or Cranial Nerve VII is the nerve involved with Bell's Palsy.