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des tortues

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Q: What is the plural for the french word tortue?
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What does the French word tortue mean?

Une tortue (fem.) is either a turtle or tortoise in English.

Where does turtle come from?

Turtle originates from the French word, tortue.

What is the word for turtle in french?

a turtle is une tortue de mer

What is the word in translation from English to french for turtles?

the French word for turtle (and for tortoise) is "une tortue" pl; "des tortues"

How do you say tortiose in french?

La Tortue Improve : The French tortue is for turtle and tortoise they distinguish them saying - Une tortue de terre (tortoise) - Une tortue de mer (turtle)

What is une tortue?

"une tortue" (fem.) is either a tortoise or a turtle in French.

What does tortue et un lapin mean in french?

"Tortue et un lapin" is French for 'turtle and a rabbit'.

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What is the french name for a turtle?


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