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Q: What is the plural for the number three?
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What is the plural of 3?

The plural is written 3s or threes when referring to the number itself, or sets or groups of three. - e.g. Seven threes are twenty-one. There are four 3s in his license plate number. We divided the group into threes for the scavenger hunt.

Is The number of days plural or singular?

The number of days is plural. The number of the day is singular.

Is the sentence you have three nieces plural possessive or plural?

The noun 'nieces' is plural, not possessive.

What is the plural form of 3?

The plural form of three is threes.

What is the correct plural and possessive for three geeses' nests?

Three geese's nests is the correct plural and possessive

Is 'a number of' singular or plural?

The term number here is a collective noun that uses a plural verb, as the object of the preposition "of" will be plural.

What three letter word is plural of to be?

"Are" is the first, second and third person plural of "to be".

What is meant by plural number?

In English, a noun or pronoun is described by its number and case. "My" is singular in number and possessive in case. "Our" is plural in number and possessive in case. Plural simply means more than one.

How do you say three orange fish in french?

Trois poissons oranges. Trois means three, poissons means fish (plural), and oranges is the plural of orange (not the fruit. In French, you have to make the adjectives plural if the subject is plural).

What is the number for nouns?

The number for nouns is the singular and plural forms, one or more person, place, or thing.Singular: one person, place, or thing is singular (one doctor, one city, one tree)Plural: more than one person, place, or thing is plural(two doctors, three cities, four trees)

Plural form of two is?

The plural of two is twos. e.g. Three twos are six.

What is a inconsistent number?

shift from plural to singular or singular to plural in sentence