What is the plural of Atlantic?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is the plural of Atlantic?
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What is the plural form of 'Italian'?

"Italians" is the plural form of the English noun "Italian." The proper noun needs to follow the standard rule for pluralization in English by adding an -s at the end. The pronunciation will be "ih-TEL-yunz" in one of the Mid-Atlantic dialects of the English spoken in the United States of America.

Which ocean borders Maine?

The state of Maine is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean

What ocean borders the U.S to the east?


What ocean did the colonist have to cross from England to America?

The Atlantic ocean

Can you give 100 examples of plural pronoun?

No, because there are not 100 plural pronouns.The plural pronouns are:weusyou (can be singular or plural)theythemthesethoseouroursyour (can be singular or plural)yours (can be singular or plural)theirtheirsourselvesyourselvesthemselvesbothfewfewermanyothersseveralall (can be singular or plural)any (can be singular or plural)more (can be singular or plural)most (can be singular or plural)none (can be singular or plural)some (can be singular or plural)such (can be singular or plural)

Atlantic City is in what county?

Atlantic City is in Atlantic County, NJ

What is the ocean to the east of Massachusetts?

the ocean that massachusetts borders is the atlantic ocean.

What ocean borders GA?

Atlantic Ocean borders Georgia

What is the plural form of SHE IS?

The plural of "she" is "they", so the plural of "she had" is "they had".

Which ocean is closest to Virginia?

Atlantic Ocean

What is the plural of isthmi?

Isthmi is plural. There are actually two plural forms. I will list them from singular to plural. Isthmus - Singular Isthmi - Plural Isthmuses - Plural

Where do Atlantic salmon live?

Atlantic Salmon live in different places in the Atlantic Ocean, hence the name "Atlantic Salmon".