What is the plural of duke?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Dukes is already plural.

The singular is Duke.

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Q: What is the plural of duke?
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What is the plural possessive of duke?

The plural possessive of "duke" is "dukes'".

What is the plural possessive noun of the word duke?

The plural form for the noun duke dukes; the plural possessive form is dukes'. Example use:The dukes' presentations pleased the queen.

What is the plural possessive of duchess?

Her Imperial Highness, or in direct contact, Your Highness. (this form of address for the Four Romanov Girls- all Grand Duchesses. ) Czarevna- roughly Imperial Princess or Crown princess- Daughter of the Czar also applied to these Ladies. one interesting bit of protocol, Special Agent Dimitri was correct in addressing Anastasia as ( Your Grace) as she was ( alone fo the Romanov Sisters) Underage at the time of the massacre. ovger l8 she would be (Your Highness) Under l8 (Your Grace) Your Grace is the standard form of address for a regular (not Grand or Imperial) duchess such as the Duchess of Bedford ( missing since l937) Turns for l00 M.P.H., Your Grace! made an interesting speed command!

Who won the last ten ACC mens basketball championships?

2000 - Duke 2001 - Duke 2002 - Duke 2003 - Duke 2004 - Maryland 2005 - Duke 2006 - Duke 2007 - North Carolina 2008 - North Carolina 2009 - Duke 2010 - Duke 2011 - Duke

How many dukes are there?

4 Jessie duke BO duke Luke duke daisy duke

Who are the british Dukes now?

Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of Kent, Duke of York, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Norfolk plus many more.

Is Duke University in North Carolina named after Doris Duke?

No, Duke University was named by James Buchanan Duke in honor of his father, Washington Duke. Doris Duke, however, was James Duke's daughter and was highly affiliated with the university.

In as you like ie play contrast between duke Frederick and duke senior?

One of the differences between Duke Senior and Duke Fredrick is that people are attracted to Duke Senior while Duke Fredrick repels people. Duke Fredrick is greedy while Duke Senior is virtuous.

Where is Duke college?

durham n cin duke town of duke

If dinner were being served who would be served first a marquis or a duke?

Duke... i think

What is fiminine of duke?

Female verism title for Duke is Duchess

Is Duke female?

no Duke = male Duchess = female