What is the plural of measure?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The plural of measure is measures.

As in "he measures the wall".

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Q: What is the plural of measure?
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Is feet an adjective?

No, it is not. It is a plural noun, the plural of foot (appendage or a unit of measure).

How do you spell killioeters?

The correct spelling is the plural measure kiloliters(thousands of liters).

How do you spell bushels?

That is the correct spelling of the (plural) word "bushels" (a farm crop measure).

What does Pascalos mean?

1 Pascal (plural Pascals) is a unit used to measure pressure. Abbreviated Pa.

What is feet in measurement?

A foot - plural feet - is an obsolete unit of measure, equivalent to 0.3048 meters.

What is the plural of rubble?

Rubble is the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up. This word is never inflected for plural. It's customary to indicate its plural form with the measure word "piles of," as in "piles of rubble." (Grammarians call words that are invariably singular in form "singulare tantum")

What are safeguards?

safeguards3rd person singular present, plural of safe·guardNoun:A measure designed to prevent something undesirable.Verb:Protect against something undesirable.

Is hour a noun?

Yes, the word hours is a plural, common, abstract noun, a word for a measure of time.

Is measures a preposition?

No, it is a verb or a noun. It is the present tense, third person singular conjugation of to measure. It is the plural of measure meaning an unspecified action (e.g. implementing strict measures to control the disease spread).

What is centuries?

The 20th century.

Is miles a common noun?

Yes, the plural noun 'miles' is a common noun; a general word for any linear measure of length or distance.

Can you give 100 examples of plural pronoun?

No, because there are not 100 plural pronouns.The plural pronouns are:weusyou (can be singular or plural)theythemthesethoseouroursyour (can be singular or plural)yours (can be singular or plural)theirtheirsourselvesyourselvesthemselvesbothfewfewermanyothersseveralall (can be singular or plural)any (can be singular or plural)more (can be singular or plural)most (can be singular or plural)none (can be singular or plural)some (can be singular or plural)such (can be singular or plural)