What is the plural of the word stadium?

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If referring to a classical stadium, i.e. a semi-circular running track then the plural is stadia. If referring to a modern-day multi-event stadium, then the plural is stadiums. Generally though both forms of the plural are acceptable.

The plural form of stadium is stadia or stadiums.
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What is the plural of the word you?

The pronoun 'you' functions as both singular and plural . The pronoun 'you' also functions as subjective and objective. Examples: Jack, you may go out to play now. (singular, subject) Class, you are all dismissed. (plural, subject) Jack, I made a sandwich for you . (singular, object) Children ( Full Answer )

What is the plural form of the word opera?

Opera is actually a plural; the singular is opus , meaning "work." But when we treat opera as an English word meaning a long musical composition of vocal and orchestral parts, we pluralize it as operas .

What is the plural of the word was?

Well, it is a verb, and it can't be plural all by itself, but if you mean the verb for a plural subject, then it would be the word "were." I was, you were, we were (past tense). I am, you are, we are for present tense.

What is the plural for stadium?

If referring to a classical stadium, i.e. a semi-circular running track then the plural is stadia.. If referring to a modern-day multi-event stadium, then the plural is stadiums.. Generally though both forms of the plural are acceptable.

What words do not have plurals?

Most English words fall into that category. For a start, only nouns and verbs can have a plural form. And many nouns have no plural: think of abstract nouns such as tenuousness and joylessness , for example. Some nouns, such as sheep, take the same form in the plural as in the singular, whic ( Full Answer )

What is the plural word for his?

The plural for the adjective pronoun 'his' is ' their ', a word that describes a noun. The plural for the possessive pronoun 'his' is ' theirs ', a word that takes the place of a noun belonging to someone or some thing.

When is the word you plural?

You can be singular or plural depending on the context. When addressing a single person, you refer to that person as "you". When addressing an audience, you refer to all the people as "you".

What is a stadium?

A stadium is a running track, open field, or the like partly orcompletely enclosed by rows of seats. Ancient Greek stadiaconsisted of a running track enclosed by a tiered horseshoe-shapedor U-shaped seating structure and were open-air spaces with noroofs. Modern stadiums can come in many different s ( Full Answer )

What is a word that has no change in a plural word?

The word fish. That is actually debatable. Though you can use "fish" for both the singular and plural forms, "fishes" is not incorrect. But words that do not change in plural applications and are NOT debatable are "deer" and "moose". Let's clarify a bit. Fish AND fishes are correct. Let me expla ( Full Answer )

What is the plural word of cattle?

The noun cattle is itself is a plural uncountable noun , aword for domesticated bovines as a group. "Cattle" is the plural noun in itself for more than one domesticbovine, be it a bull, cow, ox, steer or heifer. It is never used asa singular noun.

What is plural word for go?

The plural form of the noun 'go' is goes . The noun 'go' is a word for an attempt. Example: How many goes do you need to get it right?

What is the plural form of the word perfume?

The word perfume can be a group noun if referring to the industry, or to scented materials as a whole. But having more than one perfume would have the normal form "perfumes", e.g. She purchased various perfumes .

How do you make a Japanese word plural?

For the most part you would add the suffix "tachi" to the end, but there are expectations. Just like in English adding "s" to the end of a word doesn't always make it plural like with sheep or geese.

What is the plural form of the word 'platinum'?

Platinum, like silver, is a type of metal. You can have different amounts of a metal, but you cannot have 'three platinums.' You can have two pounds of platinum.

What is the plural of the word hi?

There is no plural form of "Hi", but if you are writing a story and have something like, "With many 'Hi's', the children greeted each other enthusiastically," it would just be "hi's".

Can the word insight be plural?

Yes, the word insight has a plural form: insights. Example: The professor has developed many insights over his yearsof study.

Is the word lilies' plural possessive?

Yes, the possessive form of the plural noun lilies is lilies' . example: The lilies' color is a special order to match the theme ofthe wedding.

Words which do not have plural form?

Uncountable nouns are words for things or ideas that can't bedivided into separate elements; they can't be counted. Examples of singular, uncountable nouns are: . advice . aluminum . concrete . cooperation . education . electricity . fishing . happiness . helium . hockey . hom ( Full Answer )

What is the plural word of abacus?

Normally we say abacuses, pronounced "abba cusses;" some particular people use abaci , usually pronounced "abba sigh." The excruciatingly correct pronounce abaci like a Roman "abba key."

What is the plural for the word go?

Go is a verb so it wouldn't be plural. If there was a way to make it into a noun so you could have more than one of them like, "Of all the street signs the town has the go's are the most worn out". then that is how you would make it plural.

Plural word for four?

it is the same thing because you wouldn't say fouries or fours i think you can actually can probably use four's with an apostrophe after the r in four

The plural of the word recent?

The word 'recent' is an adjective , a word used to describe anoun. Adjectives do not have a singular and plural form. Adjectives have a positive, comparative, and superlative form, forexample: . recent (positive) . more recent (comparative) . most recent (superlative)

What word ends in S that are NOT plural?

Anonymous Bulbous Delicious Ludicrous Ridiculous Allosaurus Ammosaurus Brachiosaurus Camarasaurus Camptosaurus Ceratosaurus Corythosaurus Cryolophosaurus Dryosaurus Edmontosaurus Herrerasaurus Heterodontosaurus Megalosaurus Stegosaurus Tenontosaurus Torvosaurus Triceratops Tyrannosaurus Tigress Heir ( Full Answer )

Every is a singular or plural word?

Every is an adjective and adjectives don't have plural forms. The words plural or singular are only used to describe nouns, not adjectives.

Is the word lens plural?

No . Definition of lens (noun) form plural: lenses part of the eye that helps to focus light on the retina Examples of lens A cataract on the lens leads to blurred vision.

Is the word some plural?

The indefinite pronoun 'some' is treated as a plural , a wordthe takes the place of an unknown or unnamed number or quantity. Example: Twenty people are expected. Some are already here. The word 'some' also functions as an adjective and an adverb.

What words have no plural?

Most mass nouns (non-countable) nouns have no plural forms, e.g.: data (this has now replaced datum as the singular form), information, suspense, air, any of the elements

Is the word everyone singular or plural?

I believe it is singular. Because you would say, "Everyone is going out together after the show," not "Everyone are going out together after the show." Or, "I think everyone is going to love the party favors," not, "I think everyone are going to love the party favors." The verb is singular, ( Full Answer )

Is the word plankton plural or singular?

Plankton is plural and its singular form is plankter. However, be aware that the word "plankton" is most often used in its plural as a collective noun.

Is animal's the plural of the word animal?

No, the plural form of the noun animal is animals (noapostrophe). The apostrophe s ('s) added to the end of the noun forms the possessive noun , indicating that something belongs to ananimal. Examples: An animal has been raiding the trash bin. (singular noun) You see here are the animal's ( Full Answer )

Is there a plural of the word understanding?

Yes, the noun 'understanding' is a count noun as a word for aninformal agreement. The plural form is understandings . The noun 'understanding' is an uncountable noun as a word for theability to comprehend or sympathy for others' feelings. This use has no plural form.

Is the word The youth singular or plural?

The word youth is a singular noun. The plural form is youths . The term 'the youth' is a noun phrase . The article 'the'indicates a specific youth. The noun youth also functions as an uncountable (mass) noun as a word for young people in general as a group. Theuncountable noun youth takes a ( Full Answer )

What is the plural form of the word produce?

The noun 'produce' is a singular , uncountable noun asa word for fruits and vegetables, products of farming. Theuncountable noun 'produce' is a type of aggregate noun, a wordrepresenting an indefinite number of elements. The word 'produce' is also a verb: produce, produces, producing,produced.

What is the plural form of the word trust?

The noun 'trust' is a count noun as a word for a legaldocument; a word for property held or managed by one person ororganization for the benefit of another. The plural form of thenoun 'trust' is trusts . The noun 'trust' is an uncountable noun as a word for beliefin the reliability, truth, abi ( Full Answer )

Is the word furniture singular or plural?

The word furniture is singular: 'There is no furniture inthis room', not 'There are no furniture in this room.' The word can carry a plural meaning in that it may refer to anumber of different objects: 'The furniture in my dining roomconsists of a table, five chairs, a sideboard and a drinkscabin ( Full Answer )

Are there words that are plurals for plurals?

No, but some plural words have other meanings that can bepluralized. The plural "peoples" refers to more than one "people"(collective noun for an ethnic group).

What is the plural word for you are?

The pronoun-verb combination 'you are' is the singular or plural form; for example: Jane, you are next. Joe and Jane, you are next. Boys and girls, you are next.

What is the plural word for the?

The word 'the' has no plural. The word 'the' is a definite article, used to indicate that the noun that follows it is a specific person or thing. When more than one person or thing is spoken of, either no article or adjective is used ( The car crashed . to Cars crashed. ); the plural demonstrative ( Full Answer )

How do you define the word 'stadium'?

Here are my definitions of the word 'stadium': NOUN 1) an ancient Greek unit of length equal to approximately 607 feet or 185 meters 2) (a) a running track for footraces based on this unit of length that was surrounded by a tiered structure for spectator seating; (b) the structure itself that ( Full Answer )

What plural words end singular and plural?

Examples of plural nouns with plural endings: . parents . parks . hot dogs . lawyers . neighborhoods . tomatoes Examples of plural nouns with irregular plural forms: . children . cities . geese . media . men . teeth

What is the plural of a word?

the plural of word is words --- A variant of a singular noun which describes multiples. Generallythis is created using an appended letter 's' (such as Car singular Cars Plural) inEnglish however there are many irregular plurals nouns to whichthis does not apply. e.g. ane example of an irregular ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word stadium in a sentence?

Many pro sports teams play their sports games in stadiums with commercial names. I hope the new stadium will be finished before the football season starts.