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Unos - masculine objects

Unas - feminine objects

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Q: What is the plural of un in spanish?
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What is the plural word for un diario?

The plural word for "un diario" in Spanish is "unos diarios."

What does a UN mean in Spanish?

un : a. un hombre : a man un caballo : a horse You see? un : a ( Male, singular ) una : a ( Feminina, singular ) Unas : a ( Feminina, plural ) Unos : a ( Males/mixed, plural )

Is the Spanish word un diario plural or singular?

The newspaper

What is fish in spanish?

A fish is un pez, plural peces. A fish that has been caught for food is un pescado.

What are the spanish indefinite articles?

masculine = un (a/an, singular), unos (some, plural) feminine = una (a/an, singular), unas (some, plural)

What are the two plural indefinite articles in Spanish?

masculine: un, unos feminine: una, unas

What does saquen un lapiz?

That's Spanish for "take a pencil out". It is in the plural.

How do you write 101in Spanish?

ciento uno (with no complement)ciento un (with a plural masculine noun as complement)

What is king in spanish?

"Reyes" is a Spanish equivalent of "kings."The Spanish word is a masculine noun. Its plural definite article is "los" ("the"). Its plural indefinite article is "un" ("a, one").The pronunciation is "REH-ehs."

What does indefinite article mean in Spanish?

An indefinite article in English is "a". The Spanish equivalents are: un (masculine singular), una (feminine singular), unos (masculine plural), and "unas" (feminine plural.)

Do you have a boyfriend in spanish?

¿Tiene / tienen / tienes / tenéis novio? = Do you (formal, singular/formal, plural/informal, singular/informal, plural) have a boyfriend?

It's pleasure to welcome you today in Spanish language?

The Spanish translation is "Es un placer darle la bienvenida hoy". (Use darles if plural)