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The possessive form of the plural noun trustees is trustees'.

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Q: What is the plural possessive of trustees?
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Is a group of trustees singular or plural?

Trustees is the plural of trustee. "The trustees had no idea where the money went"

What is the plural possessive form of money?

The noun 'money' is a singular uncountable noun as a word for currency or coins.The plural noun 'monies' is used almost exclusively in formal business contexts. The noun 'monies' is an uncountable plural noun.The plural possessive form is monies'.Example: The monies' security has been the responsibility of the trustees.

Is coaster's possessive or plural?

Coaster's is singular possessive. The plural is coasters, the plural possessive is coasters'.

Is its' plural possessive?

No. Plural possessive is "their" Possessive pronouns do not use an apostrophe.

What is the plural possessive of brief?

The plural is briefs. The plural possessive is briefs'.

What is the plural possessive of relative?

The plural is relatives. The plural possessive is relatives'.

What is the plural possessive of station?

The plural is stations. The plural possessive is stations'.

What is the plural possessive of lad?

The plural is lads. The plural possessive is lads'.

What is the plural possessive of trolley?

The plural is trollies. The plural possessive is trollies'.

Would museum be plural singular plural possessive or singular possessive?

Museum is singular. Museum's is singular possessive. Museums is plural. Museums' is plural possessive.

What is the singular possessive plural and plural possessive form of heart?

The singular possessive form is heart's; the plural possessive form is hearts'.

What is the plural or plural possessive rose?

The plural of rose is roses. The plural possessive is roses'.